Friday, January 25, 2013

honoring hope

After I posted "feather"  (that very afternoon), I went out with a pot of boiling water to thaw the chicken's iced over waterer. And do you know what was waiting for me? An egg! An egg!! Big deal, you might be thinking- you have chickens. But wait, these girls molted in October and not a single egg has be laid since. It's been a bit bleak each day checking those empty nests. It corresponded with the holidays, my roughest two months, yet. So shall it not come as a surprise that I wrote about symbols and signposts right before they gifted me with their first sweet egg? On the coldest day of the year, no less? Come on friends, I can't make this stuff up. So, what was this sphere in my hand trying to tell me? That it was time for something new. That's where I've been for the last few days...

Sweet friends,
Sharing my path with all of you has been unbelievably healing and helpful during this year of transition. My gratitude goes far beyond words. But I believe I've come to a crossroads.

maya*made has always been a perfect platform for sharing my creativity, along with the inspiration I draw from my family and nature. Bits of wisdom gained and vulnerability exposed have gone hand in hand with projects and recipes. I've heard from you how much you've appreciated this honesty mixed with daily fun. maya*made will remain exactly the same, but I've decided that the comfort I gain from writing about my new journey needs to have its own outlet... its own special home. I also recognize that the intensity and heaviness that comes with such growth needs to be shared in small doses. So I'm freeing up this site to be what it has always been...  a source of joy.

The idea of a safe haven for myself and other women has been gestating. Today it is ready to to be birthed. For those seeking insight into my inner work, searching for tools and resources that I've found indispensable, and looking for truth about the struggles we all  have to face at one time or another... this new spot will be for you. Although definitely in its infancy (one day old!), it shows great promise for those seeking something to hold onto. Introducing my new little "inner" web sanctuary: Honoring Hope.  


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  1. My dearest Maya, you continue to inspire me here and I am sure Honoring Hope will do the same over there.
    I must tell you Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for the giveaway I won from you, The Intuitive Len class. This is not something I ever would have done for myself, but to have had this in my life these last few weeks has been life changing. I have grown not only in how to work my camera, but how I look at me! You have touched and changed me in a way you can never really know and I am honored and humbled.

  2. Dear Maya, I am deeply impressed by you and touched as well. I have seen you fighting this last year and rising, rising rising. I am also convinced that positiveness and trust in yourself, but as well in others (although that might not be easy, specially in your situation) is the key. Never deny what happened to you, but to learn to see that it brings also good things in your life, growth.
    You are an inspiration!

  3. I believe that's the prettiest egg I've ever seen. Wishing you continued joy and happiness.

  4. I am jumping over to honorig hope right now to share this journey with you...

  5. I think that if the world looked like our web community, the world would be a much better, happier place. As I was saying today on the blog, if we all stick together, we can make wonderful things, and we can support each other when one of us needs help.
    I applause this first egg of 2013, well done chickie girls ! :) A good omen indeed. Let 2013 be the year of hope & renewal.
    Sending you all my love

  6. Uff Maya, I got really SCARED after reading the first lines, I was somehow especting that you were going to close the blog and I found myself almost with tears in my eyes and yet - fiuh you announce your newborn and it's such a joy to know that I (that WE) can still enjoy your talent AND your insights. Thank you, onece again, from all my heart, for EVERYTHING you share, for your courage, your honesty, your deepness. Everyday I pay a visit to your blog and everyday I learn something new. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing hope and how honoring hope...

  7. How I wish I was a little bird peering over your shoulder when you discovered that egg!

    Yes ... the signs are all there ... I cannot wait to snuggle into your new space (and know that this space will still be here.)

    damn! now I REALLY wish we could have chickens (I may ask a friend if I can be a godmother to some of hers ...) xo

  8. Good luck with your new expression of your soul and thanks for sharing it with us!AriadnefromGreece!

  9. It's a God-Thing. I'm happy for you.

  10. Such a beautiful offering Maya....

  11. A new place, a place of inner workings, & of beauty I'm sure of it. On my way to see it.