Monday, December 17, 2012

dark sky day

Dark skies instead of a sunrise this morning.
This was the sky at 7 am, and it doesn't look any different a few hours later. It's as if a dark blanket is hanging over the sun this Monday morning. I've tried to write a post here all weekend in response to Connecticut, but I stumble. This kind of loss in unfathomable. As a mother, it is our worst fear.  This kind of universal breaking open has potential for great healing, but I do believe it must be felt for all that it is first. I think that's why I have been struggling so much with how to articulate my thoughts. I'm still just feeling them. Instead, I will share two links that might prove helpful as we move forward and seek our own words and answers. May there be love and gentleness in your home today and always.

::Brene Brown offers a thorough list of resources for talking to children about violence and death.

::Patti Digh has found a quiet but powerful response that we can all contribute to.


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  1. The only thing that feels right at this moment is to hold my kids closer. I can't put into words the sadness I feel & the fear I have sending my kids of to school. This tragedy touched each and everyone of us whether we live in Sandy Hook,CT or across the world.Also finding it hard to embrace the season that is upon us, it really has put things into perspective. I pray for all those directly affected, that they find peace and comfort in their hearts once again.