Friday, October 26, 2012


and the giveaway winner is...

-  Tracy, who's name was pulled for the winning spot in Thea's Intuitive Lens workshop! Congratulations!
{A dream come true to learn from Thea, thank you for such an awesome giveaway!}

- the joy that printing brings me... making my new camera tags above are the easiest bliss around. And I discovered this picture last week that let me know just how long it's made me happy.
-a dear friend who jumped in with the final bit of oatmeal linen I needed to finish up all of the Squam Banners!
- exciting, new projects that have brought me back to my feet... and filled me with the energy that comes from being on the right path. (and you know for certain I can't wait to share them with you!)
- this apple cake and these pumpkin muffins that whip up swiftly, scent our home with warmth and cinnamon, and keep bellies happy and full.
- one more day of great weather to get a few more outdoor chores done before it turns (to snow?!).
- a whole weekend and then some to finish up (and start!) Halloween costumes!
- this space and you! I count my lucky stars everyday that I get to connect with beautiful and wise women (sweet friends you are) all over the world simply by pushing a magic button!
What are you happy for?
Big or small... it all counts.

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  1. Thank you Maya, this makes me so happy.
    This week has been so hard and to finally
    see a little good news is wonderful.
    Thank you for this.

  2. I am happy for my dog cuddling next to me on the couch and that I HAVE TO get up and start sewing because my etsy shop ( is suddenly really starting to take off! 5 sales this week!

  3. That today I get to go make imprinted clay tags with a friend. You moving through your difficulties and finding joy in your home and children is so inspirational!

  4. For finally carving out the time to cut & iron the fabrics for one more of your baskets (this one, in denim and a pretty flowery print) - hope to sew it up during the weekend.

  5. Today I am happy to be collaborating with my (soon to be 5!) girl as we plan and make for her birthday polka dot tea party. And if I haven't said this before, I want to make sure to say it now, I am so happy (and grateful) to come here to this space and constantly be inspired by you!

  6. I'm so happy to read your blog...your words are positive, the images are beautiful and inspiring. You go girl!
    Today I'm happy for the big batch of granola I just made to help us through this (possible) upcoming storm in the NE. I can keep a group of boys happy on flashlights and nuts and seeds, right?

  7. Happy for the nice afternoon I had with my friends who came to celebrate my birthday a week later (I share b'day with your mum :) but I was travelling last week), drinking tea, hooking, sewing, chatting and laughing, the fire in the chimney and a sense of quietness, beauty and peace. Happy to pop in here and read "happy" in your post. Happy to find again and again so much inspiration, life, love and poetry spread from this beautiful pages of yours.

  8. Just the way you are exclusive, so do your gifts, before your loved terms. Exclusive, just like the one you have in heart for your loved terms. Plenty of floral collection to choose from as they happily showcases their display.

  9. Tracey...I am so happy you will be joining me this January in Intuitive lens! I have sent you an email.... xoxo

    Maya - thank you for hosting this giveaway. xoxo