Friday, August 3, 2012

California dreamin' (week 2)

California dreams FUN!!! And a rainbow soared above the sea. Santa cruz sea lions Pacific ! ! Some places never change! Living being back in Santa Cruz! Untitled  
Santa Cruz was the highlight of a our second amazing week. I went to UCSC and lived in this gorgeous beach town for five years... way back when. Returning was filled with so many wonderful memories, sweet reunions with dear friends, delicious food, and the ocean. THE BEAUTIFUL OCEAN! We all are so happy here, and I feel like I'm me again. I'll be bottling up this feeling for our return!

Feeling like myself.
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  1. Maya... I was a banana slug too! Your vacation looks awesome!

  2. So glad you're having this time to restore yourself. It all looks wonderful.

  3. if you make it down to san diego... let's chat about where you want to eat! im a self proclaimed expert on the sd food scene :)

  4. Oh, when I saw the first photo, and along with the title, I just knew where you'd been. I spent a few summers in Santa Cruz way back when as well, in the middle of road tripping following a touring band around the West Coast. I loved loved loved Santa Cruz, and all the kind folks who made our trips through there such a trip. I'm glad it filled you your photos reminded me of a time long ago on how I would get my soul filled up. Thank you!
    xo Jules

  5. I was pregnant with my daughter (10 years ago)and on a road trip to visit my cousin in LA when we stopped in to see Santa Cruz, LOVED IT!
    I think I'll go pull out the photos!
    So glad you are having a great time!
    ~ joey ~

  6. I'm so happy for you. And you look beautiful!


  7. Banana Slug alumna here as well....I was excited to see that the Bagelry and Food Bin still exist...the Boardwalk sign brought back some memories-I worked there a summer or two to save money for tuition....crazy things happened in that Haunted House I tell you...

  8. California looks good on you, Maya!

  9. You're glowing ... what ever you are doing, keep it up.


  10. some of our favorite spots. we live in the sc mtns and consider santa cruz home.
    the little beach town does look good on you :)
    i hope you can come for a visit again.

  11. THAT PHOTO of YOU is flipping AMAZING-- THAT PHOTO is everything!!! I love love love it--- and love you-- so glad CA was so restorative . . xooxox,e

  12. You look beautiful and happy in this photo! Love it!