Monday, July 30, 2012


Teahouse Studio in Berkeley! Come join me tonight from 6-8 for my book signing! Open to all!  
What a full spectrum of REinventing I've done since we last met. The experience of being surrounded by my amazing family, and the vibrant places that have shaped so much of my colorful childhood, have REminded me of my true self... and have called to the parts of my soul that were left behind along the way.

 In the midst of REclaiming these lost pieces, I had the honor of teaching some absolutely gorgeous folks how to create with what's on hand and celebrate my book in one of the best kept secrets in the Bay Area: Teahouse Studio. It was a true merging of the many worlds I walk in- a full integration of the varied people, places, and stories that have led me to this chapter in my story. The two pictures below are the images for the words I cannot find. The first is the view from my Dad's home where we have been staying while in San Francisco. I lived here during the later half of my childhood (11-16 yrs old). It looks directly at Bernal Heights and the home I loved as a little girl (4-11). In fact, if you look closely at the top left side of the hill in the distance, there is an outcropping of stones just visible... maybe not in this photo, but in person for sure. That rocky precipice was the fort I played on with my best friend for so many years. My mom and I took the kids there yesterday... to those same solid stones that wildly jut out over the neighborhoods that make up the memories of my childhood and offer a sweeping view of the city that I love so much.  This perspective... this big picture is what I have been searching for.

The view from my Dad's. Looking towards Bernal Heights.  Took my kids to the rocks on Bernal heights where I played as a kid with my best friend.
Finally, my children and I feel treasured, honored and fully seen for all that we are. There is no better gift than that.
 Us.  With my mother.  Where I needed to be. Pin It


  1. Oh my, the last picture has made me tear-up. I love it.

  2. You are healing and I am so impressed by how you do it!

  3. I love that picture of you and your mom. So beautiful.

  4. oh! i bought your book last week, and have been catching up on your life here. how you glow beauty with your words and actions, even in the middle of hard, is a wonderful thing.

  5. So happy you are finding just what you all need. Love to you all. xo

  6. you look so much at peace maya... so much. xo

  7. i'm so glad you came west, maya! i do believe it has done you good. and also so happy to have shared such a wonderful & inspiring afternoon with you and the other beautiful women. thank you for that! xoxo

  8. This is so sweet!! You are really such a treasure!! You have been such an inspiration to me. My thoughts are with you and your children as you heal. Thank you for so bravely sharing your life.



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