Monday, May 21, 2012


Last week, we had several days in a row when our hens' regular egg offerings diminished. Simultaneously, Sweetie kept disappearing. On Thursday, I found her behind the poppies sitting on a clutch of eggs... in the beginning stages of broodiness. I understood. We mamas (hens and women) are often called to gather up our most important "eggs" and keep them warm and nurtured... safe and protected. Not much can get in the way of a broody hen and her eggs! And so it is with us. Chickens, who are consumed with their responsibility , often forgo self-care and just keep tending to their eggs. Reading up on broodiness reminded me of how similar we all truly are. I'm sure you  have something/one you're  watching over, too. This morning as we all begin a fresh new week, let us remember to take care of our eggs and ourselves!  Happy Monday!

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  1. such perfect advice. I love your book, Maya! so beautifully done and so you! congratulations. xo

  2. Yes perfect reminder that we should honor our ebbing and flowing just like the chicken's eggs.

  3. Such wise words on this grey drizzly morning! As I sit with my holiday morning hot chocolate (I think I'm going to start a new tradition today?!) I will try to remember that things like creativity and "self" need taking care of too! Home and family have definitely been on the top of the list lately. Maybe today I'll switch for an hour or so?!
    ~ joey ~

  4. As I sink into the last few months of this pregnancy and succumb to the 'nesting' instinct, your words are so timely and so perfect. I'm working constantly to find the balance between tidying, preparing, making, cleaning but remembering too that I need to be hydrating and sitting and eating well and sleeping...and relishing these last few weeks as four before we become five. Thank you Maya. As always. xo

  5. Wonderful words of wisdom!

  6. Oh yes love- this can happen so easily.For me I make self care a standard but then rely on the habit so much that when schedules change or unique events arise I orget the act of putting my self care in the plan first. Then all of a sudden when I feel overtapped I become aware that I have been neglecting myself. Wonderful life lesson.
    miss you and love you