Tuesday, April 3, 2012

lace and eggs

lace & eggs
 This weekend we'll be dying a dozen or so eggs in our typical child-focused fashion. But I've been craving a different kind of decorating, as well. I hoped for a few very simple eggs that didn't disguise the shell's natural pigment (which would be especially lovely for blue and green eggs, but brown were what we had). After blowing out three, I wrapped them in lace ribbons. I tried several different widths, but the thinner was by far the best way to go. One was a remnant of an old pillow case, the other a vintage find, and the blue is my new French ribbon from Sonia.
A few stitches to the back attached the two ends in place and a dot of glue keeps it from sliding off.
lace and eggs

Here are two other alternatives to dying that you might enjoy:
spice eggs from Ella
crocheted eggs from Anne 

What are your favorite egg decorating techniques and traditions? I'd love to hear...

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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my crocheted eggs, Maya! I love yours too. Lace over the delicate shell of an egg is so pretty. Wonderful idea! I might just have to make some of yours to complement the ones I've made. Happy Easter!

  2. They'd be really pretty together, wouldn't they? I've just got to learn how to crochet one of these days!

  3. Love them! Inspired idea for mess free egg decorating : )!

    And yes to crochet being on the bucket list! A super fun skill to have!

  4. We've always dyed our eggs with leaf prints and just posted a tutorial yesterday for this. But I love the ideas of lace and crocheting for brown eggs. Our chickens lay such dark brown eggs that dying them does not do much. We've used a white paint marker to create lovely designs on the dark brown eggs in the past and they looked rather elegant!

  5. Thanks so much for including my Spice eggs ;)

    I love your lace wrapped eggs - what a lovely simple touch.


  6. I've now decorated the house http://madebyjoey.blogspot.ca/2012/04/creating-spaces-easter.html but my daughter is very keen to decorate/dye some eggs soon. I love the lace and agree the coloured eggs would be really nice. We only have brown eggs around here so I end up buying cheap white eggs from the store and blowing them down the sink, which totally goes against the grain for me, so wasteful. Lace around the brown eggs looks so nice, and the crocheted eggs are fabulous!
    ~ joey ~

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  8. These are simply beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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