Friday, March 23, 2012

magnolias and making

Our magnolia tree blooms every year during Earth Day... not so for 2012. Its early blossoms confirmed just how ahead of schedule we are.
star magnolia
The forsythia are following closely at its heels... and I'm so inspired to get get going on some fresh new tutorials and projects for this season. In the meantime, here are some lovely ideas from springs gone by. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

baby clothespin bunny
Branch Brooch
leaf cuff

spring basket
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  1. Our magnolia tree bloomed in January and now is completely covered in leaves along with the pear tree. I am not sure I will have any flowers left by the time Easter arrives.

  2. I was at the garden centre yesterday and noticed that the magnolias were just about to open and the forsythia were already bright yellow! I am ready for an early Spring, I hope the weather doesn't change! If March comes in like a lamb does it have to leave like a lion?!
    ~ joey ~

  3. those branches against the deep blue sky! gorgeousness. i love coming here.

  4. Как все красиво и нежно по весеннему!

  5. Last year, I was one week away from having my daughter Maura 4 weeks premature when I had seen your clothespin bunny...I adored it, knowing I had the perfect fabric and clothespins for it. As she approaches 1, and Easter nears, I remember it...and think about how I want to make some for my 3 year old! So nice that I didn't have to dig for them!

    Spring is here early too!! Crazy huh?

  6. I made your little bunnies last year and I am inspired to do the same again :)