Friday, February 10, 2012

happy hour/doily coaster

happy hour
I've often told you much I enjoy launching into Mondays full throttle... love those fresh starts. Well, by Friday afternoon, I'm often limping into the home stretch. I'm beat. Since I don't want to welcome my weekend with a whimper, I have a little ritual. Yes, it includes caffeine. But it's also about creating a special moment of celebration and honoring the completion of a full week. I make a special drink and sit to enjoy it. It's my version of hot happy hour. My children often join me with a frothy milk steamer or cocoa. The last few Fridays have seen a repeat of chai mocha lattes. I used to drink them in a Santa Cruz cafe back in college (anyone recall that coffee spot in the old big white house on the corner near the Bagelry? Dying to remember its name!)...  and have started making them myself with my little froth friend... it feels like a super treat. Almost makes me feel 19 again, but not quite!

So whatever your special hot beverage is ((herbal)tea, chai, cappucino), pour a mug this afternoon and know that I will be raising mine to yours with a big "SALUD!"
doily coaster
What's the little coaster under that dotty mug? Just a quick last minute Valentine's Day present for someone special. This time of year begs for all things sweet, red, and doilified. I've been wanting to try stenciling with paper doilies for a while, and this seemed like a good project to test it out. Fast, fun and easy... some of my 3 faves! The linen is an especially nice thick weave from a pair of trousers and the bottom layer is red wool suiting*.
  Doily Coaster
  • 4" paper doily
  • scotch tape
  • textile paint
  • foam brush
  • 5"x5" square of linen
  • "                  " wool
  • "                  " batting
  • pinking shears
  • freezer paper
  • thread
  • iron
  1. Sandwich batting between wool and linen. Sew around the entire perimeter using the edge of the foot as a guide for seam allowance. Trim off excess with pinking shears.
  2. Tape doily to center of the linen side. Cut out a circle from freezer paper slightly larger than the edge of the doily. Center it around the doily evenly and iron in place.
  3. Apply paint with a gentle touch. Allow to dry.
  4. Peel off freezer paper and then work on the doily. It may have pieces that stick and uneven bits of paint. Use a toothpick to help take off tiny pieces of paper and to add extra dabs of paint where needed.
  5. It will not be perfect... which we all know makes it just right. Place a cloth over the paint and heat set it with a hot iron.
  6. Pour your hot mug of cheer and set it on your coaster.
toothpick rescue
Have a great weekend and stop back on Monday for the beginning of a week long "LOVE giveaway".

*My wool and linen projects use found materials: linen clothing, wool suiting and blankets. They are easily rescued from thrift stores and tag sales.
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  1. Oh Maya, that is so sweet! Good idea to anchor it with the freezer paper, too. I LOVE freezer paper. It has so many uses!

  2. first, the coaster is beautiful and pretty
    second, i have to correct you, but chai means tea

  3. Hi Sangeetha- Thanks! I changed it to herbal tea for clarity under choices of hot beverage. were you referring to chai mocha latte? It's really chai, steamed milk and cocoa, but is often referred to by the above name.

  4. Love the coasters Maya. Are you thinking of Cafe Pergolesi? I spent many many hours there!

  5. Linda!!! you just made my day... I've been racking my old brain trying to remember. YES! Good ol' Cafe Pergolesi! So many hours spent at those tiny tables... inside and out. When did you live in SC?

  6. The Perg!! It's still there, just checked google
    some things never change... or barely, funny to see it with its own website.

  7. Hey Lindy... sorry for that unintentional "a"... you really made me happy:)

  8. I grew up in Santa Cruz. (i don't know if you remember us talking about this at Squam with Lissa) I was there from the late 60's until about 8 years ago when I remarried and moved to Silicon Valley. My son is still there so I go often. Next time I will go to Pergolesi and have coffee for us! We were probably there at the same time!
    (in the 90's)


  9. lindy- thanks for jarring my memory... twice. that little slice of Squam conversation never would have connected to this moment of Perg conversation without a little help:) Please do have a cup for me. I was there from 87-92! phew!

  10. Maya, so weird, I was just looking at Pergolesi's site the other day. (I was trying to find the recipe for the Bagelry's hummus truth be told). I was there 88-92, Kresge. Makes perfect sense you went to Santa Cruz too. The post caught my eye because it reminded me of what we did in botanical printing at Squam. Love this project!

  11. Hi Rebecca! I was at Stephenson... worked at the coffeehouse all of the time, so if you ever had a class over there, I may have actually served you something!

  12. The Perg! Wow - I hadn't thought about that place for years. My favorite Santa Cruz spot was (and is) the Poet and the Patriot - we spent so many Saturday nights drinking mead and playing darts in that pub. I was at UCSC from 2002-2006, and loved every minute of it. (Particularly the part wherein I hiked through a forest to get to class, and then went home to a house a block from the beach. That was the *life.*)

  13. Lovely coaster I think i will give this one a go great for a Christmas gift.

  14. Aha... it was Cafe Pergolesi, I spent many many hours there from 89- 91, drinking coffee sweetened with honey and beading away on my latest creations... what a wonderful blast from the past!

    Wouldn't it be amazing Miss Maya, if we were there, one table away from each other, back in the day?

  15. That's inspired! Love it - might give it a go, this weekend..

    Hmmmm, I wonder if leaf skeletons would work...? Too fragile perhaps? Off to rummage in drawers!

  16. Miss Laura our friendship was destined...

  17. What a wonderful idea! I don't usually have freezer paper, but wonder if parchment paper would work as well?

  18. Laurie- parchment paper doesn't adhere to fabric to create a seal. If you have contact paper that would work well. good luck and let me now how it goes!

  19. I´m coming from Spain to your cute place. This is a lovely blog! I like sew and crafts. I am glad I found you. :)


  20. I love this you have a particular brand of textile paints you like? I haven't worked with them before.

  21. I love it! It is beautifully simple. A must make in my list. Gracias.

  22. btw- I just checked out that frother and it is the same one my friend Noelle just got me! I love it. Now all I am waiting for is to pick up my order of chai tea (and addiction she introduced me to!) so I can drink it every morning. Or just about!


  23. Thank you for this idea! The coaster is lovely and would make a cute Valentine gift.

    I love indulging in a warm beverage too. There is something very cozy and comforting about it.

  24. Love this coaster -- so sweet. I may have to make some for our coffee table. Now to find some doilies ...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  25. I'm just catching up on blog posts, so I'm late to the game here. I love knowing that you went to UCSC - I was at Cowell, but graduated in 2002, so I suppose I missed you. ;) I spent many hours at the cafe at Stephenson, so it's nice to have the time-delayed connection. It's a small world!

  26. hello maya, i'm from indonesia...I instantly fell in love with your blog at first sight. so inspiring.

    ika |