Monday, January 16, 2012

snow munchkin

We moved here for the seasons... so this "not so white" winter  hasn't felt right. As the temperatures plummeted this weekend, a sense that all was well and as it should be settled in throughout our home and the world outside.  The snow and bitter cold gave me just the right incentive to finish up some woolen projects. Laura had come over last week for some fireside knitting and wine. With her patience and help, I stretched out my fingers and began knitting The Munchkin for my daughter. It's the perfect quick knit. I'm rusty and out of practice, so I had wanted a super easy pattern with very chunky yarn. My daughter wanted a purple hat with ear flaps. It met both our needs.

By midweek, my decreases got a bit wonky, and I ripped and began again. I started to get worried that it would join the other unfinished knitting projects in my bucket. The arrival of snow lit a fire under my needles and after a second false start, I opted to plug on through rather than sort my mistakes- like a good knitter should (forgive me Laura). I just wanted to get it on her head already. It was a good choice... no regrets.
the hat
She's quite happy and loves it so much... so the little "oops" will stay as reminders of the snow-filled weekend we finished it up in. Perfectionism- take that! The most important thing after her pleasure-  her warmth! It's totally toasty, even after frolicking in our arctic conditions. Let the winter games begin!
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  1. I have quite frequently knitted past my mistakes! My dear grandmother, an extreme perfectionist, told me the story of a girl who had her handknit sweater swiped at school. She was able to prove the sweater was hers by knowing exactly where there was a mistake in the sweater! So take that! :)

    Your hat looks adorable! Wish I had a little girl noggin to knit for! :)

  2. Oh Betz! The perfect anecdote... thank you! xxx

  3. Maya, you are way past me in knitting! My abilities limit me to scarves only.
    We had our first snowfall last night, stop over for a peek! ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  4. Too darned cute! I love the color, and clearly you made one little girl very happy!

  5. That is the sweetest knit hat ever! I love it. The color is perfect as well as the style. I think that is enough perfection for one hat!

  6. A knitting teacher told me once that women used to intentionally put mistakes in their knitting so that the gods didn't think they were trying to compete with them and strike them down :).

    The hat is lovely and cozy. Great job!

  7. You women are wonderful!! Thanks for the sweetest and most supportive comments an insecure knitter could

  8. That is a great hat, I love it, and most importantly your daughter loves it :o)

  9. Love the hat, Maya. Your daughter has wonderful taste in colours. As for the mistakes? I always consider my knitting mistakes as what makes the finished item unique and hand made. A few Christmases ago, I knit a blanket with a moss stitch pattern for my husband. A few late nights were involved and I guess one of those nights, I had a little snooze but oddly, kept on knitting but in a ribbed pattern for about an inch in the middle of the blanket. Everytime we snuggle up under it, I remind those late nights of knitting. Lot of love in this mis-knit stitches.

  10. What an adorable hat- the mistake makes it all the more wonderful! I am so in love with purple these days.