Wednesday, January 25, 2012

commitment cards

january mayamail
I've been spending the whole morning checking things off my list, and it feels so good. The "to do" I was most looking forward to was the little love note for my monthly maya*mail. Many of you will find it waiting for you in your inbox. That lovely stone is one of Margie's beauties, and it seems to add something special to everything, including a stack of blank paper. January's letter spoke about these little commitment cards, and I thought I'd give them a little attention here on the blog, too. They're sweet, simple and doing a nice job of keeping me on track. I'll be making more...
cards 2
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  1. Lovely cards and I have seen the crocheted stones before they are so cute.

  2. The cards are beautiful. I especially like the "build" one. That word conjures up so many possibilities...relationships, creativity, confidence and personal growth. Endless!

  3. The cards are wonderful. What lovely reminders.

  4. I love the cards, Maya. I received the email yesterday and it was so exciting. It reminded me of getting a real letter in the mail.

  5. beautiful cards. So nice to receive real mail sometimes.

  6. Such beautiful inspiration. I need to start spending more time on my goal for this year - creative work.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. wonderful cards !! Sweet idea.
    Best wishes

  8. these cards are so sweet! I love the collage, the meaning and the simple images. thanks for sharing. i also teared up when reading about "the Works" album. thanks for letting me know about an amazing project.

  9. I love getting my Maya mail and when I see it has arrived I don't peek until I can take the time to sit and read it properly. Thanks!



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