Friday, July 15, 2011

summer postcards #9

Summer Postcards: a July series capturing snapshots of my favorite month
Special guests: my nieces who traveled six thousands miles to be here this month
Location: in and around HOME and BARN
Format: Instagram (follow username mayamade for sneak peeks)

New flowers at the meadow.

I hope your weekend is filled with glorious seasonal food, gorgeous fresh flowers, and a stolen moment or two for cloud gazing. Pin It


  1. Wah! I just want to be there with you. Either that or I wan to know the secret to how you are getting that dreamy, lush finish on your photos. Love! x

  2. Maxabella- summer time IS quite dreamy around here... has to be or I'd go crazy because it seems to snow for more than half the rest of the year! The photo app for iphones, Instagram, definitely adds another layer of dreamification.

  3. Oh that last photo is just heaven! Nostalgia, innocence of childhood, and beauty all in one. Just lovely Maya! I hope the book is coming along.

  4. Looks like the barn's wild flowers did well this year after all of your hard work!
    Any secret recipe for the zucchini?!
    ~ joey ~

  5. It's been fun peeking in on your July days. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I LOVE seeing these on your blog! I love them on Instagram, too, but you know. They're so much bigger onscreen!
    Beautiful summer. Beautiful creatures. Plus I want to eat the screen.

  7. Maya, your mom's barn looks fabulous. The flowers are amazing!

  8. The barn is sooo gorgeous with flowers blooming all around it. Fabulous weekending!

  9. oi miga lindo seu cantinho estou seguindo vc e vo ama sua visita no meu blog ta bom bjs e uma otima noite

  10. What a post! Maya made!fantastic. I love them on Instagram, too, but you know. They're so much bigger onscreen!Thanks for sharing.



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