Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a toast at day's end

sunset over the field
I stepped out onto the front porch last night
a celebratory glass of wine in hand
the setting sun smiled over the freshly baled field
and my whole being sighed
the first calm breath in days
what a luxurious moment of stillness
the laughter from behind the screen door eased the ache
of so much time spent away
invested inward and outward
 as I give birth to a book so filled with my everything
knowing that this unsustainable outpouring has an end
mama made meals will be the norm again
home tending will resume
but as I'm still in the thick of it
this solitary toast to the evening sky
was my salute to pursuing 
my dreams
and gently, too
it was my toast to you
sweet friends
who have made all things possible
simply by being here

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  1. Oh Maya, I know it's going to be SOOOO GOOD! I can't wait to read it!
    This work is your dream coming true!!! It's so true that it's like being pregnant, you want to race ahead in time to hold your baby in your arms, but it's so important to treasure ever minute of it's creation!
    ~ joey ~

  2. thank you and a toast back to you Maya. Thank you for letting us be part of your wonderful and creative world. I am sure that your family is probably missing a couple of nice home mama maya made meals, but a few more days dedicated to the new "member" in the family are nothing in front of the greatness of the end and beginning of it! Be strong and enjoy every single moment of this path!

    as we sent previously.... dreams DO come TRUE..


  3. wonderful! congratulations- here you go!!!

  4. Oh, that was so beautifully written! I had to wait until I got a glass of vino in my hand to toast you back.

    Here's to your genuine awesomeness... and your awesome genuineness!

  5. You are lovely. And I can hardly wait to hold a copy of the fruit of all your labors in my hands!

  6. lovely. sending thoughts of peace and calm your way. (and, your book is going to be so great!! can't wait).

  7. A toast to you too, Maya. Looking forward to your book.

  8. How beautifully written, simply gorgeous! Capturing the moment so poetically - thank you for sharing your life in such an inspiring way