Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello! So much for my week of perfect pre-scheduled posts. Life doesn't fit into such a neat and tidy package. I must have forgotten. Life can be messy. Recognizing that is helping me through a week of unexpected challenges, amidst the inner turmoil of witnessing REAL challenges across the sea. Oh my, March has been a doozy of a month. My calendar of photographs hangs in my studio and is tacked to our family bulletin board. March is one of my favorites and is entitled:  A Bowl of Promises. These colorful gathered eggs represent so much more than the coming of spring, they symbolize potential and new beginnings... and they speak of the fragility of life.  As a small contribution to Japan's recovery and relief I will be donating 100% of all sales of this print  to AmeriCares.You can find several in my shop.

egg print for Japan
Some very nice odds and ends to enjoy with you (because we all need a little nice):
I'll be back tomorrow with something special for you...
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      1. Oh Well done on your Babble Top 50, that's fabulous - you so have earned it!!! Hope you have heaps of Spring sprung on you all this weekend!!!

      2. i can see the potential and the new beginnings in the print! wonderful and very thoughtful idea for the sales/ donation Maya. These days I think we are all filled with sadness about what the future might bring..we should try to have hope and new promises in mind and hearts as well.

        by the way congratulations on the Top 50!

      3. so great on the top 50! congrats! This blog should be there!

      4. As an artist myself, I had to pop over to Wish Studio to look at your art box - how clever of you to realise that a box for special moments will hold children's attention more than readily available supplies. (And to keep the contents fresh and changing!) My son (now a teenager) always sat with me at my illustration table and, like me, grew up with a drawing always on the go. Thanks for sharing this very good idea. Caro x

      5. Oh my, Maya. The image of the egg in that tiny little nest is just so nuturing and safe feeling. x