Monday, July 26, 2010

barn toilette

barn toilette 2
  My mother plumbed her barn home for an upstairs bathroom, but had never installed one. The designated space first served as her sewing corner, and then transformed into a dressing room. This past spring, the toilet was finally delivered and installed. Am I really writing a post about a toilet? Well, I've already done one on a toilet paper holder, and this is more about the what surrounds the throne than anything else. So, yes, I believe I will. There are no doors in the studio/bedroom- it's a very open floor plan. The first thing you see upon climbing the stairs is that toilet.What to do? We discussed at least a million different options. We thought some kind of movable screen would be just right. I liked the idea of something like this. Not in the budget, but that barn and shed are filled with every kind of styling prop, material, etc. one could ever need. My mother had a wooden dowel floor mat not in use, because it felt bumpy under your feet... but as a screen? Hmmm...
barn toilette
It seems to work in a similar way to the Gaiam divider, but after reading reviews, I think hers is sturdier! It wasn't quite tall enough, but a bouquet of parasols seems to add a little more definition to the space... a delicate division.
barn toilette 6

barn toilette 4
So now you know where the circus zebra and parasols rest when they're not in "the ring"!
barn toilette 3
The sink is next... and a garage sale over the weekend featured the prize:  a small Ikea utility sink- $10. We'll let you know if it works. Pin It


  1. Lovely parasols! I like that "divider" too and if I lived alone it would be enough for me. I think I'll keep my walls and door that locks for now though, lol.

  2. Adding the parasols to the divider was brilliant! I'm inspired to do something similar to my backyard...adding weatherproof umbrellas to a plain fence to create shade and interest. Thank you!

  3. A most clever and decorative solution! xox Corrine

  4. I love this! What a beautiful space. I've been so enjoying your circus week as well. Beautiful photos and such great ideas. Thanks!

    Lucy : )

  5. Such a great solution! I love that you own a book about toilets ;)

  6. What fun! Genius! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. love this!! :D

    my studio in the barn is plumbed for a bathroom but it's become a storage closet. :^/

    i really really want my toilet installed (it's downstairs somewhere!) so i don't have to walk back to the house in the winter when i need to attend to my personal needs. :^)

    so now i've joined you in toilet talk...

  8. "toilets of the world" , now that should be required reading before embarking on global travel



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