Sunday, April 18, 2010

unplug your tv

Just a little reminder that Monday begins the annual TV Turnoff week. I don't usually think about it because our tiny television sits inside a cabinet for an occasional movie. After reading this wonderful post by Sarah Baldwin (via SouleMama), I recalled all of our discussions around parenting without television. That was almost 12 years ago, and we've never looked back. If you find that TV plays a regular role in your life, whether you have children or not, I encourage you to read Sarah's story and follow some of her great links. Pin It


  1. heading straight over there now Maya. Thank you. I have found tv seeping into our lives just a little bit more than I am comfortable with ...

  2. When my husband and I got married, we didn't want to hook up the cable until we knew where we were going to put the TV... after a few months, we realized that neither of us missed it. It's been ten years now! We rent movies and TV series that we're interested in, but it's according to our schedule (and it's commercial free). Now, annual "computer turnoff week"... that would be tough!

  3. Stephanie,
    My husband and I were just talking about a computer turn-off week when I wrote this post! Yes, it would be hard... but something worth discussing.

  4. I need the two turn-off weeks every year. We do so well on them and then bad habits creep back.

  5. When our kids were young, our elementary school celebrated TV turn off week in a big way, with alternative projects, even an ice cream social that brought everyone back to the playground after supper. Fun times. People were surprised by how much more time they had together...

    The rest of the year, our kids had very limited access to the TV. They were/are amazing readers, students, crafters, and now, citizens. Think there's a connection?

    My favorite button on the remote is "off"...

  6. Thanks for the reminder! We started watching too much TV when my son was born - trying to keep our daughter entertained while I nursed endlessly. We really want to live with out it as much as possible.