Sunday, April 18, 2010

cecilia murgel: illustrator

If you read the wind post a few days ago, I'm sure this illustration by Brazilian artist, Cecilia Murgel, will be instantly recognizable. I was dumbfounded and delighted when I discovered it while looking through my flickr contacts yesterday and had to show you!  I haven't been spending as much time on flickr as I used to... and oh, do I miss the inspiration. Cecilia certainly knows how to use flickr to its fullest. I only discovered her on Friday. A little stumble here, a little turn there and I found myself  swimming in her photostream of gorgeous and evocative illustrations. They seem to be predominantly portraits created in her moleskine, and often from one of her  flickr contacts. She always mentions the source and links to the photo where she drew her inspiration. After commenting and faving some, I had no idea that the next day my windy daughter would be her subject. Isn't it wonderful!? Doesn't it capture the mood perfectly? I urge you to go check out her work... it's all amazing. I find her ability to capture expressions, as well as wonderful clothing details to be quite striking in all her drawings. I also love how many of them reach across the page. I so admire her work and wish that my Portuguese was better, so I could tell her so properly. For now: Obrigada Cecilia! Pin It


  1. Wow, how awesome! I love her style, and your daughter is a great subject! (Love those socks!)

  2. what a perfect depiction of your sweet daughter playing among the windblown laundry!!!

  3. OHHH!...Thanks Maya, my work is perfect in you blog!..

  4. I just LOVE this! Cecilia does the best work. I went over to look and I wish I could have her work in my home.


  5. this is soooo GREAT!! Im sure N thought so too!



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