Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now and then, I must remind you to stop back at my mom's shop-- NikNakNan. She's a added some great vintage industrial items, like that sweet little fan and THOSE BINS, and more! She's also been up to some clever repurposing again. In the top right photo, she took a vintage marching band sheet music holder and attached it to a weathered wooden cone. Now, it's the perfect spot for photos, postcards,etc. Adding magnets to an old washboard transforms it into an interesting message board. My mother sees metal and thinks magnets... look at this old film reel case!  I love how she reinvents... and sometimes an item comes with a suggestion for transformation, but she let's you decide.

Like this, "The top of this old grocery store scale weighs in as cool industrial decor. Nicely weathered patina. Faded graphic numbers. Add an "S" hook or two and hang a dish towel, pot holders, coffee cups or some pots and pans. How would you make it your own?"

Do give her shop a visit, and later on I'll take you to the barn for a little peek into some of her collections... it's been far too long since we've had you over! But right now, I hear my waffle iron calling. Spring break means I have more kids than usual at my house for most of this week. I thought that last night's sleep-over would mean that everyone (children) would sleep in today. Not so... I hear the giggling through the floor boards as I quickly type this post. I better get crackin' (eggs)! Pin It


  1. You know, posts like this make it reallllllly difficult to stick to my spending freeze. Beautiful stuff, and very clever repurposing too.

  2. I have that same Zero fan. It was my grandmother's. It's a bit loud, but still works!

  3. Your mom has the coolest collection of pretties. Such an eye! I totally heart the washboard message board.

  4. Geesh! This post makes me really regret the spending freeze I just placed on myself. I love that fan and know that it would look awesome in my home! I am going to take a peek at your mom's etsy shop.

    ~ Tracy

  5. I like your Shop and enjoy to look at the pictures.
    TANJA :-)