Sunday, April 25, 2010


 Good morning friends! I tiptoed down the stairs this wet Sunday morning to sip my coffee and spend a few moments with you.Even with the dark skies, it looks lush and verdant out my window. Tempted me out  in my boots to share the drenched lilacs.
 I absolutely loved all of you comments on our last give-away. So many of you already are making a wonderful effort to live more lightly, and lots of inspired folks about to make some changes.Woot!

Congratulations to : Adrienne Brown-David!
" That clothespin bag is just begging to be on my line awaiting cloth diapers fresh from the wash!"
Please e-mail me with your mailing info, Adrienne so we can get it on the line this week!

 Your response to that peg bag was enthusiastic enough to get me sewing up some more bags for my shop. I will have an update on Thursday, April 29th with lots of  wonderful recycled burlap items: bucket, peg bags, root sacks, and a couple of fresh designs I'm excited about.

Also in the news: I have been asked to speak at our library in mid May. It's very exciting to be recognized locally, and I'm hoping to meet a few readers that live near by. Here's the little blurb the library director put together for their newsletter.
Meaningful Merchandizing: Bringing your Art and Ideas to the Online Marketplace.
Maya Donenfeld discusses how to promote, maintain and develop an online business with homemade projects.  For more information on Maya, see her website Sponsored by the Ulysses Philomathic Library and the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce. May 13th 7pm.

Should be fun! Hope to see some of you there! Pin It


  1. Thanks for sharing the lilacs! We just got new snow this morning (sigh -- the grass was just getting green) and won't see ours until June.

  2. Sipping coffee and breathing in the fresh morning air is my favorite part of the day. I love that quiet peace before the day begins. Thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers and congrats on being a guest speaker.

  3. Just out of curiosity... where do you get all your recycled burlap? I LOVE the burlap you get, but have only been able to find it in fabric stores and without all the cool graphics you find! :)

  4. Lovely lilacs...enjoy your coffee and day.

  5. I keep checking in on our lilacs too, yours are a bit ahead of ours - certainly a flower to bring you out into the rain for! I am not sure if I told you this already, while walking along the beach we found burlap bags washed ashore down the entire beach. Of course I thought of you : )

  6. I wish I wish I wish I lived closer, so I could come & listen to you ... I know you'll be super great, fanta-bulous !
    hope your week will be sunnier than your weekend was :)
    oxoxo many hugs
    oh, and congrats to the winner !!

  7. Just joined your blog. Looking forward to more. Love the lilacs -one of my favorites! Connie

  8. Your mug looks like many pieces of pottery that I've bought from the Ithaca Farmers Market. I can't remember the name of his business, but the potter's name is David. I love this work! Makes me look forward to being in Ithaca again this summer!