Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It's me again! Twice in one day, unbelievable! This was actually part of my last post, but it didn't seem to flow. I've learned that smaller posts about one or two subjects work best for me. I'm still not getting around much, but many creative/crafty endeavors happen while sitting anyway. I've wanted to carve some of the crows I've been photographing. I printed out several. Did a little tracing, a lot of feather inventing and then transferred to a scrap of pink Speedy Carve by Speedball. I prefer this for smaller stamps. Easier to manage.

After an initial carving, I always do a test print. The black ink helps me to see where I need to clean it up. Then I made some little crow tags. I love how unique each print is depending on their background.

I started a collage featuring this little crow. I'll show you tomorrow... Pin It


  1. beautiful work! i need to get myself a carving tool and give this a try. have a wonderful day.

  2. Larissa,
    It's wonderful meditation. I hope you'll give it a try!

  3. wow stunning work really effected


  4. gorgeous! is this easier than traditional lino blocks?

  5. I love this crow! I pretty much love all of your carvings, though! I've never been able to get mine so finely cut- plus, I don't have your design skills. Still, it's fun to make things come alive out of some scraps of rubber.

  6. I was driving home from town today and flushed up a group (a murder?) of crows off the road and was musing how much I liked crows. Then I came home and saw this post. You clever girl you. I am really loving this carving (and your timing).

  7. Oh, my how beautiful. I love the details in the feathers. Just beautiful. I know it is a crow, but it reminded me of Thirteen ways of Looking at a Blackbird by Wallace Stevens.
    Thanks for showing us.

  8. Hola Maya!! cómo estás?
    Te quedó hermos el sello de pajarito!
    te dejo un beso grande

  9. These are amazing! You are inspiring me to try my hand at carving my own stamps...I'm sure it takes a lot of effort (and talent), but what's the worst that can happen, right?!

    Such lovely work!

  10. Beautiful! very nice design capturing the "center" of this animal. Love it.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!
    I love stamps and carving... here in Italy it's hard to find carving blocks like yours...
    Your crow is wonderful!

  12. i want one..why do we love graft paper so much? awesome

  13. I love the crow stamp its beautiful. I have been obsessed with ravens lately. I wrote a little fairy tale about one, that I think maybe two friends have read. I want to turn my wee story into a little book with a few doodles/stamps but having never done that before I'm a bit overwhelmed and havent figured out where to start.

    I feel inspired by your beautiful carved stamp and may have to go back to my story and work on it some more.



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