Sunday, February 28, 2010

LLD winner

Thanks for your wonderful enthusiasm towards Lisa Leonard Designs!

A big congratulations to Maryeliz! Please contact me with your mailing info so that I may pass it on to Lisa.

I was hit with an awful, achy, feverish bug this weekend and might need a day or two to recover. Wishing you all a happy and HEALTHY start to your week. I'll be back soon. Pin It


  1. So, so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I'll be sending you plenty of sunshine and healing thoughts!


  2. sending you blue bird thoughts my friend . get well!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful surprise with which to start the week. Thank you so much, Maya!

    We've been knocked down by the same fever bug. Wishing you a swift return to health.

  4. be well my friend. spring is on its way! happy march.

  5. So sorry to hear that you are not well, I miss your posts when you're away! Here's a tip that we do almost every day. Burn beeswax candles. I read that it creates negative ions which kills bacteria and viruses. It's worked for us and we've told other friends about this and it has worked for them too!
    Be well,

  6. hi! i'm eleni from greece! your blog and your crafts are fantastic! i adore little tiny things!!!!!!
    please visit me whenever you can at my blog too!
    thank you!

  7. Feel better soon... sending healing thoughts your way!