Sunday, August 23, 2009

rolling by

Another summer weekend slips by... and we're celebrating each beautiful day with:

waterfall flying...

cloud climbing...

barn decking...
(local) wine drinking...

and just having fun. I'll clean the house when fall rolls in! Pin It


  1. I have not done nearly enough water-falling this year! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. good idea - I always think the house cleaning should wait til last. Squish it in around the edges - cloud climbing and summer joy is much more important

  3. We experienced such a sudden change in temperature after the storms left the area that I will be hanging on to summer and sunshine every moment I am able. The cleanest area in my home right now is the porch :)

  4. I'm too envious for words....there are no finer summers on earth than those in upstate NY!!!

  5. Ahh, you are fiddling the summer away grasshoppering. How lovely.

    And I agree with Ana, summers in upstate NY are glorious. I'll always remember my summers in Geneva (where I went to college)

  6. I loved your picture of your little one climbing and all that sky in the photo. There is some thing about kids and skies that screams youth! Its very beautiful!

  7. What wonderful pictures and sentiment. You warmed my heart. Thank you for this beautiful moment.

  8. so fabulous!
    and i appreciate your sentiments of "cleaning the house when fall rolls in" sounds good to me ; )