Thursday, July 2, 2009

raining buckets!

1. storage by wisecraft 2. bucket all done by cuachy 09 3. maya*made pattern by reginalina23 4. three buckets by cuachy 09

My bucket pattern has had a very exciting first week (and a half or so). I wanted to take a moment to catch my breath and thank all of you that have purchased one. I've so appreciated your enthusiasm and great feedback on the ease of the pattern. So far, there are busy sewing machines all over the states, Canada, Spain, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, Spain, the UK, and more!! Something about buckets being made all over the world has me a bit overwhelmed... in a good way! A very special thanks goes to Blair, from Wise Craft, who whipped up a family of buckets last week and gave the pattern a big thumbs up. Her happy review spread like wildfire and I'm so grateful! If you have made a bucket or are on your way to one, please consider adding photos in the maya*made designs flick pool.The best part of making a pattern or a tutorial is seeing what others create and then ooohing and ahhhing. You're all so creative... look at the pictures above that have already been added. Fabulous! They each say something special about the sewist that made them. Please don't be shy, each bucket that gets added is thrilling!
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  1. They all look wonderful! I wish that I had a sewing machine so that I could make my own family of buckets!

  2. I've already decided I need more of them. There's just so many things I can use them for! Such a great pattern, I'm so glad I have it.

  3. Yay for buckets! I made one the same afternoon you sent the pattern. I have been meaning to share photos, so I was so excited to be reminded by this post! Let me tell you, I am not the most skilled seamstress, but I was so determined to make one of these, and I was so THRILLED that it worked! Now, onto a lovely set for Mom for her 50th this month. Thanks again, Maya!! :)

  4. oooh, what a lovely surprise. thank you so much for including my bucket.

  5. I was so excited when I saw blair's buckets on flickr. It is so amazing and versatile. I am going to order my pattern and look through my fabric stash for some bucket inspiration.

  6. These are awesome! I love. Thank you so much for posting.

  7. I love this pattern, but so far haven't managed to take any pics.

    As fast as I have buzzed them through the machine they have been filled with goddies, wrapped up and gifted to frined. Boy do I ever have a lot of summer birthdays to deal with. They have been loved by every single person who I have given them too.

    Thanks you for making such a wonderful easy pattern to use!



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