Monday, May 18, 2009

bench monday

Happy Bench Monday! I made it! I couldn't last week... almost didn't today. In the setting sun of the barn's backyard, I jumped on a bench with my mother's parasol and one of her vintage sarongs.
The elderly couple next door were peeking through their window. Again. They were watching the last time, too! I wonder what they think of those crazy barn women... always taking pictures of themselves standing on something!? If they would only look through the growing flickr pool, they'd see that hundreds of people, children (and even chickens) all over the world are now jumping on benches every Monday. Maybe then those mystified neighbors would understand. Maybe not.

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  1. I love it! This is my absolute favorite bench Monday ever!! Who cares what the neighbors think you are fabulous sweetie!!!

  2. Just glorious! I'm a sucker for a good sarong and parasol, and that field of yellow is so beautiful.

  3. This gives new meaning to bench monday!

  4. maybe your neighbors just like your
    invite them over next monday for
    tea.... make them get on a bench
    and take a shot of their socks too!
    You look great!

  5. Fabulous!!! Enchanting!!! I love your bench pictures!!!

  6. So inspiring!!!!! The image is just gorgeous and reminds me of carpe diem.

    I think your neighbors are watching out of curiosity and just may join you the next time you hop on a bench!

  7. Next time you should extend an invitation to them to hop on the bench with you.
    It might be just what they need :)

  8. The light in your photos is gorgeous. Such a pretty parasol, too.

  9. I just joined that awesome group. LOVE the photo with the parasol. Lovely!