Tuesday, May 19, 2009

barn workshop

The printing workshop on Saturday was so much fun, and the feedback I got from my participants was really enthusiastic. The out of towners all ended up having last minute cancellations. This gave me an opportunity to completely focus on Jacki and Pat. Thank you both for being such wonderful students! A big hug to Pat for lending me her camera for a few shots. Yes, I forgot my camera's memory card, sadly. Neither of them had ever tried freezer paper stenciling and each had totally different approaches. It was fascinating to be in the role of observer. Seeing through new eyes is always a good thing. We began with a couple of simple silhouettes.

Pat had brought some of her water color paintings and paper cuts for inspiration. Her two lovely pieces are on the left. Jacki used to live in Japan, and I had set aside one of my favorite books on Japanese design from the barn’s library for her. Her two lovely pieces are on the right. Didn't they both do an amazing job? I had several readers question what to do with these little test swatches.
Here are some ideas:

-Fold over the top to create a channel and feed a ribbon through each one to make a bunting. How perfect for personalizing a bedroom. Think construction vehicles for the truck lover… wildflowers for the future botanists!
-Quilt squares
-Center panel of a pillow
-Pocket on a tote

Jacki stayed on to learn some techniques for adding complexity, details, and multiple colors. Here’s the t-shirt she came up with for her son. I loooove it! Isn’t that one fantastic little red car?
I’ve decided that I will be holding classes regularly at the barn. It’s such a fabulous space to work in.

Setting a rejuvenating scene for these busy mothers was just as pleasurable for me as teaching a new skill!
-Stepping outside of your regular routine for several hours and escaping to a studio filled with inspiration and every tool and supply imaginable.
-Learning something new with a teacher at your side, ready to answer any questions.
-Listening to lovely music.
-Spending creative time with other fascinating people.
-Having a delicious meal prepared for you while you work (play!).

Stay tuned for future barn workshops… Attention all women/mothers needing time and space to reclaim their creative selves!

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  1. Catching up on your blog, you've been busy dear! I do wish that someday I'll be able to attend one of your classes. Take care.

  2. The art looks terrific; the creative space is to die for!

  3. Oooooh.... I wish, I wish, I wish....

  4. it looks so beautiful...oh how i wish i could have made it...

  5. I just felt transported and it felt so wonderful.
    I would love to come to one of your workshops :)

  6. Yay! More classes!!! Count me in but you might not be able to get me to leave. The space is so perfect for a class Maya! So happy for you and being able to hang out and create with other women.

    Jacki's car is adorable, would looke great on pillows or sheets too!

  7. If only I lived closer, I would most DEFINITELY be spending some time at that barn...

  8. I wish I was nearby and could come to a workshop. I love the barn for a workshop space. It all looks so wonderful.

  9. Oh how I wish i could come to the next one!

  10. I love Jacki's truck stencil--she took to the technique immediately. I have to say that seeing your "gallery" of stencils was very inspiring, and it really expanded the possibilities of the freezer paper stencils for me. So easy, yet so many possibilities! I loved your point that printing doesn't have to involve an capital outlay for lots of equipment to get a great result.

  11. Sounds devine...
    and love you dancing in the mustard down below with parasol.
    The neighbors probably wish they could dance with you.

  12. Maya, the barn is the ultimate place for inspiration zen! How I wish I lived a bit closer to you. I can't wait to see what other workshops and art comes flying out of the magical barn.

  13. Ooooh Maya, you're making me want to get a plane ticket right now for a future workshop ... being at the barn, with you, crafting with you, enjoying a delicious homemade meal with you ... goodness, that sounds like heaven to me ... OK off to book a ticket right now !!! LOL xoxoxo lots of love my friend

  14. If only...
    I'm sure that everyone who is able to attend has a wonderful time.

  15. Oooohhh.... where is this barn? I would love to come!

  16. Maya,

    I feel so incredibly lucky to have you & the barn so close! I had such an amazing time--I couldn't stop smiling all afternoon. Along with learning from an incredible teacher, Pat & I were pampered! It was truly magical...every detail was perfect and I am so excited about what I learned. I am hooked! It could not have been better. Sign me up for your next class, whatever it is. I'm going to ride my bike to the next class...lucky me!

  17. I'd love to come to a workshop. This one looks like it was a day filled with creativity. Glad it was a success!

  18. I want to come, it sounds wonderful. Where are you? I am in West Hollywood, am I close? ish??

  19. hello from Richmond, VA!
    Maya, I will be travelling northward to Lake Placid in July, with a large group of triathletes...I AM NOT one,
    I am an artist!! How far south is your town? I would love to take a Saturday class, July 25. For some wacky reason, my email REJECTS all yahoo.com mail, so please leave a message here, and I will keep checking!

    PS seeing all these great ideas for kids makes me dream of grandbabies& children....our 5 are all in their 20's.

  20. Holly- I'd love to teach a class then, but I'm not sure if it's possible on the 25th. If I can, I'll contact you!