Sunday, March 15, 2009


We all have inner landscapes that we keep tucked away. Artists often bring forth that inner world with their work. Witnessing the process unfold is a dynamic experience. As a piece is created, life is literally breathed into it and the potential of what it will one day be... becomes a palatable presence in the room. I had the honor of watching a gifted artist at work this weekend, and it left a huge impression on me. I attended a phenomenal screen printing workshop all weekend and during our class a member of the studio came in to work on her current piece. I don't know very much about Michel Droge, besides these photos... but I'm eager to see more of her work. She generously took time to talk and share and even gave me permission to photograph her process.

The gorgous texture and landscape of the paper was created with vintage fishing nets... they definitely caught me... can't get them out of my mind. Photos don't do them justice.

I have a great review of my workshop coming up in the morning... Pin It


  1. I really love the cut out and embossed paper. The fact that it was made with vintage fishing nets just adds to its beauty. I would love to try something like that with fabric or felt one day.
    Isn't silkscreening wonderful.
    Can't wait to hear about your weekend although I may be out of internet range for a few days.
    Have a wonderful week. Doesn't it look, smell and feel like spring:)

  2. I just found you and have really enjoyed looking through your blog - you have wonderful projects!

  3. Oh, Maya, this is amazing, and the texture is stunning ! It has such an organic feeling, I really love that ! I wish I could meet such talented person, you lucky girl !! :D
    Big hugs your way oxoxo

  4. So beautiful! I'm really into paper cuts at the moment. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful work and your thoughts on the creative process. I am always looking for snippets of people's internal artistic workings, and it's wonderful to read from such a kindred spirit. Thank you, thank you.

  6. This absolutely caught my eye - you know - papercutting! Wow it makes my brain start spinning.