Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend workshop

I am sooooo full from my wonderful weekend! I had two entire days to learn a skill I have been wanting to understand for most of my life. I come from a long line of silk screen artists, but I wasn't born when my grandfather and father were doing their printing. As most of you know, these past six months have been full of textile printing... this was the obvious next step. To say there was a lot of build up as I awaited for this weekend, would be a huge understatement. Can you believe that it was better than I could have ever hoped for!!? Ithaca is very lucky to have a resource like The Ink Shop, a not for profit printmakers' center, fine art press and gallery. The studio was amazing and my teacher, Kadie Salfi, was phenomenal. If you are local and considering printing, please look into all of the incredible workshops offered. I'm hooked and will sign up for any class Kadie teaches... she's that good!

I only created two images, but through watching and assisting the four other inspiring students in the class, I feel like I learned as much as if I had printed more. The first technique was reminiscent of freezer paper. I drew my image of a tree swallow directly onto contact paper.

After cutting it out with an x-acto knife, I applied the contact paper directly to the screen. I printed a bunch of copies onto newsprint, before I printed onto delicious archival paper. If paper were a dessert, this would be like a double layer chocolate mousse torte!

It's simple, sweet and makes me think of the warm days ahead. For the next print, Kadie recommended trying a different technique. I painted my image directly onto the screen with drawing fluid. In the below picture you can still see the ghost of my swallow...

Under the screen was a sheet of mylar and under that was an assortment of pressed ferns~ my guide. A very special fern-lover (whose birthday is coming up) was my inspiration.

After my rounds of paper printing, I slid in some linen. How satisfying! Multiple prints with a couple of swipes of a squeegee... revolutionary!

Hope you had a great weekend! I'm looking forward to sharing some more spring projects as the Vernal Equinox arrives... Pin It


  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! All of it!

    The post about the inner landscapes made me all quiet...

    Well done!
    Best wishes,
    PilliPilli Handmade

  2. Hi Maya !
    Ooooh what fun you had !! I wish I had been there with you ! What you did was amazing & it must have felt like dreaming & being awake at the same time ! How fabulous ! I'm so happy for you !
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience & showing us the results of your creation !
    Have a super nice week ahead !! Big hugs oxoxox

  3. hi there, just came across your blog while dreaming up a label for my creations. My daughter is a beautiful 3yo Maya so I settled on Maisey Handmade. Love your sight and love the WIP buckets! cheers - anna from beechworth, australia.

  4. Oh Maya! I could not wait to see what you is something I always wanted to do. I was going to ask if it was in Ithaca, may have to go at some point. I must have been feeling your energy because while in Elmira (and missing you again) I took advantage of free babysitting with grandma and hit Barnes and Noble. I sat on the floor in the art and craft section and ended up buying the handmade print book, not even realizing it is the same one you featured. (I bought several other books too :) It is a great book and really tantalizes you with screen printing! I am filled with ideas and will get there at some point. Congratulations, yours are great for your first try. I can feel your excitement!

  5. What an exciting new turn for you to take...your work is wonderful in all ways...and this piece no exception.

  6. this sounds like so much fun!! I am just starting out with printing as is so fullfilling. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The fern-print looks lovely on the linen, Maya!

  8. I tried screen printing some tiny things last summer, and just did not feel successful. I need to take a class. Your things look perfect.

  9. Maya, your creations are beautiful! I did not know you came from a family of screen printers, but your natural talent shows. The fern print is my favorite, and I love how real the textures and details look. It's perfect with the linen.

  10. oh, gorgeous prints. i love them- and congratulations to you on learning a skill you've had in your mind for ages. :)

  11. Such fern beauty you have printed Maya. I knew you would love this technique .