Tuesday, September 23, 2008

reflections on balance

Just a brief update on my Etsy plans...you've all been so supportive and encouraging, and I wanted to thank you and let you know my latest thoughts. After much reflection, I've re-evaluated my priorities and now understand what I can do...and still keep my family happy and me creatively energized. I've always loved being a teacher, and this blog has become a platform for sharing my ideas and inspiring you to be creative... and interpret my projects in your own unique ways.

Tutorials incorporating sustainable design for children, ideas for simple living, and innovative give-aways will continue to be my main focus at maya*made. My shop is in the works, but it's ultimate design and purpose is still evolvoing. Thanks for being one of my favorite parts of this blog...your enthusiastic comments keep me inspired and motivated! Pin It


  1. oh, yeah, balance is the thing. which is why I've been so quiet on all fronts lately. good for you for knowing when to say when before you absolutely HAD to. I waited a mite too long.

  2. I am all about finding my balance right now too. My only motivation to open my Etsy is a lot of the artwork is on top of my sewing machine where it is safe and now I want to sew...but looking at it I have Etsy guilt. Before ya know it I see the clock and it is time to pick up Lauren and suddenly all guilt disappears and quality out weighs the quantity.

    Your little snuggle bunny will be out soon enough, Etsy will still be there! I can not wait for Saturday and Pajama day!

  3. This point is so important. Family first.

  4. I admire how crystal clear you are about your priorities in your personal and creative lives. I need to do a similar stock-taking of my blog and my life. Thanks for leading the way!

  5. Thanks...I feel more balanced simply from writing it down.



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