Wednesday, September 24, 2008

on my desk...

As is often the case, "my desk" has traveled to another corner of the house. On my desk...the players.

On Saturday I received a very exciting box in the mail...I had some idea of the contents and therefore waited until I could give it my complete attention. My daughter and I opened it up together in this morning's sunshine...I know I won't do this magical box justice, but here it goes...
Karen, of the blog Beelieve, participated in my give-away and alerted me to her own Mixed Media Give Away Contest. When I saw the amazing assortment of art materials and vintage treasures she was generously sharing, I immediately signed up. I was thrilled to be the winner and couldn't wait to see it all in person. I wasn't prepared for the true depth of this box. Karen was like my creative angel...lovingly packing each incredible item with sensitivity and obvious thought as to what would inspire. I'm still catching my breath!
Click on any picture to get a close up.

In it are all the materials, notions, ephemera, and eclectic vintage supplies to excite any artist...but she made it personal and touched me so deeply.

I recently signed up for Smoothpebble's Illuminated Phrase, and now I have everything imagineable to make it happen. I was needing a little nudge and this collection just got me very fired up!

Thank you Karen, for your loving attention to details and courage to get personal and go deep with someone you've never even met. This world of blogs keeps blowing me away!

The above photo is of the card Karen created and included in the box... "Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life". Pin It


  1. what a fabulous prize to win, the scrabble letters are such a nice touch

  2. Yipee! So glad you enjoyed and are inspired by this box of goodies. It was so fun to put together, and adding some extras after I knew who won..which I had planned on! Should I admit here it barely makes a dent in my supplies...hee hee.

    Now remember you promise to show me some of what you use...even it takes a while to get to. (I know you will at least get to the kid goody bag soon!)

  3. What the glorious bing-bang?!! To have this arrive at the door...I understand waiting for the proper time to open it! (And amazing, Karen, you say this doesn't even make a dent in your stash!)

  4. Oh my goodness, Maya, it's like your mom's barn in a box!! You totally deserve all that great crafty goodness for putting such great stuff out there for all of us to work with!

  5. Just a package full of love. Lucky you!

  6. what a wonderful pack of treasures! i can't wait to see what you do with it all! congrats!

  7. I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and find it so inspiring as I am in the middle of renovating my home. I spend time here some mornings just to gain some inspiration.

    Isn't Karen such a darling. I have no doubt that your box of goodies was packaged and sent with love. I suspect there are a lot of us out here in the world that consider her an internet angel.

  8. Christmas in September Maya!! Wow, that is one fabulous box of goodies, and to think some might end up in your Illuminated Phrase project. Oooooh, I really can't wait to see! You know the postal system may be financially failing, but it seems we in the crafty world are doing our darndest to keep it afloat!