Wednesday, August 20, 2008

on my desk...

My friend over at kootoyoo has a Wednesday tradition of sharing what's on her desk at the moment. I've decided to join in! The timing is perfect, because I have a couple of wips (works in progress) that I wanted you to have a peek at. This is not actually my's my studio floor...which is where I work at least half of the time. I have two or three projects/requests I'm almost done with for my three year old. If I make something for another child, it's inevitable that she wants a variation or two for herself. So every single project I work on seems to multiply. This picture is a perfect jumble of what we're up to, and, of course, she's making some important decisions!

Last weekend, family friends came to visit my mother's barn. Their six year old received another one of these (...and yes, my little girl is not so patiently waiting for her own). Their three year old son's name starts with an "O". I created an obvious stencil and made a T-shirt for him, and little owls have been swooping into my studio ever since! More on owls tomorrow...
This pocket T has an attached owl buddy.

This is the back...
Freezer paper stencils are very satisfying...I 've always loved drawing and cutting...this uses both those skills. I've found that an X-acto knife with a swivel head is invaluable. I've also discovered new uses for an old cookie sheet. It may not look pretty, but it's the perfect surface for the blade to glide smoothly across. This is my next project...big brother's old shirt upcycled into a little girl's sweet nightie. I printed it last night with great success...look for the final results in the next few days. It's hiding in the first photo.

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  1. Maya, your prints are amazing! You definitely have the skillz, my dear! Love the owl with the sidelong look and the moon and stars on the matryoshka doll.

  2. Those t-shirts are so cute...what kid wouldn't love that (or adult) :)

    I still need to try the freezer paper thing. Im not sure mine would turn out as good as yours though.

  3. every one keeps buzzing about these freezer paper shirts. i must try to be crafty and do one. and these tees for kids you could make a whole line hey would sell like HOT cakes i tell you!!!!! no joke!!!!!!!

  4. slow down.....I can't keep up with you. While I'm trying to write down the corn chowder recipe, I'm also tucking into the back of my mind to make the newspaper banner and do some freezer paper stencils, and writing on my supply list swivel x-acto knife (this would work great for curved paper cutting), while also trying to absorb all of your pictures! Phwew, I think I'll go take a nap. My family jokes about me taking pictures of food too!

  5. Oh so cute!! You are sooo creative!!

  6. Maya, your floor desk is gorgeous - look at all that light streaming in. Heavenly.

    I love your babushka!

  7. Thanks friends, it's hard to stop when you love what you're doing so much!

  8. i know all about multiplying ones work...i have 4 kids and they always want all 4 one of my creations!!!
    Lovely t-shirt btw!

  9. I love your stuff! Can't wait to make some freezer paper t's for my boys. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  10. sooooo sweet! i love the little owl peeking out from the "o" pocket especially!

  11. I'm right with smoothpebble...I can't keep up! You really are very talented!

  12. hi, i'm francesca from italy
    i've never seen freezer paper here... the pocket t-shirt is cool!!!
    p.s.:if you need help with pesto recipe...



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