Thursday, August 28, 2008

barn tour part four

Welcome back to the barn. If this is your first time hearing about the barn renovation project I've been working on with my mother, please find "barn" in my labels to learn about the history and to see the first three tours or click directly on the photo set titled "restoration barn" in the side bar.

Today we visit the bedrooms. Just a little reminder, my mother is doing a slow move in and has had guests all summer. We're still in the initial set-up phase, but I wanted you to be able to watch how each room evolves. The walls will remain blank, for a while... the linens mother's collections rotating in at different times and locations. So come on into the barn at dusk, it's almost bedtime.

Let's begin downstairs. Right off the living room, on the other side of the staircase is this tiny, but airy bedroom photo (see photo above). Simple vintage details and a flokati rug (IKEA) spread on the original plank floors, make this room feel relaxed and comfortable.

A metal industrial chair becomes a nightstand for a contemporary stainless steel lamp and clock...a mix of old and new. A vintage milk bottle holds the last of the meadow's poppies and the beginning of the cosmos.

On top of a cupboard, fashioned from old barn wood and reclaimed hardware, sits an antique floral collage that must have been created from cut-outs of magazines and seed catalogs. The fan is a recent addition to my mother's growing collection. Click here to see them all. The bird cage was discovered at an antique shop a couple of weeks ago...I'd love to make a little bird for it.

The upstairs bedroom is located on the other side of the stairwell opposite the art studio. Because of the open floor plan, it's nice to keep this sleeping corner serene and not too busy.

more white linens on another vintage cast iron bed...

With all of the windows looking out into the woods, the upstairs feesl like it's perched in a tree. Repurposing chairs into tables is a perfect way to honor an interesting seat. The rusting metal of the iron bed frame and chair echo the textures of this birch bark lamp.

A little goldfinch looks right at home sitting on the antique clock.

Smooth stones and roadside suzies at dusk...

This is often where guests stay. Without a closet, my mother had to come up with creative solutions for clothing and personal storage. Vintage suitcases...

antique picnic baskets...

an old drying rack... it's a perfect place to hang up clothes and it collapses when not needed!

Sweet dreams...
See you tomorrow with something delicious that I think you'll all enjoy for the weekend! Pin It


  1. You're right--the white linens and walls really do add to the serene feel. It really makes me rethink my use of wild colors on all of our bedding!

    I also love how you've repurposed stools and chairs as bedside tables and suitcases and baskets as storage. Very clever solutions that fit so well with the rest of the barn!

  2. I am so in love with your barn. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I have gotten so many ideas for our house.


  3. Your Mom needs a roommate. When can I bring my stuff up? = )

    I love this home.

  4. I so love these rooms. Calm, peaceful, uncluttered, yet still filled with interesting bits and lots of character. Nice job!

  5. So is she opening a bead and breakfast, spiritual retreat or spa? When can I make my reservation?

  6. This is so lovely! That's wonderful that you and your mom are working on this together. I love your aesthetic and style.

  7. STUNNING. I think my favorite are the smooth stones. They're so beautifully simple. I imagine they get warm in the sun too. Delicious.

  8. It's nice to know that there's such a sweet and thoughtful sleeping space waiting for me when I come to visit ;) I like how you've mixed the old with the new, and the fresh flowers are a lovely touch.

  9. Thank you so much!
    I love how enthusiastic you all are! Maybe we should have a huge slumber party just for all of you! We could create lovely things in the studio all day, picnic in the the meadow and then toss coins for the beds! :)
    I really love sharing the barn with you...will you be this excited over the bathroom? Probably not, so I'll just enjoy this moment!

  10. Can I come over to sleep upstairs? I would LOOOOVE to!!!
    (I love the way ZenCrafter is always the first commenter on your entries, good friend she is.)

  11. The barn is made only more beautiful by the diffused evening light! I just can't say how much I love this place, and I'm so happy you've shared it with us!