Tuesday, August 18, 2015

mama blues

 Creating with my mom is always so much fun! Her granddaughter agrees. She loves working with all of my mother's materials and textiles. Her bunny was made completely by hand- that girl is a blanket stitch wiz! My mother was intrigued with all of our indigo dyeing, so we set up a bucket for her. She was all about dip-dyeing vintage fabrics, and now I want to do more of it too!
 My absolute favorite is this blue boho bag from a vintage bedspread and thick piping cord for handles. She sewed it and I dipped it.
She continues to be my greatest source of inspiration. My mother is my hero!
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  1. I am hoping for a day where you have grown up lady day camps, and I have the time and money to attend. Gosh. That would be a dream!

  2. Love the boho bag! Such fun creating w/ generations isn't it!

  3. Wow what an awesome crafting session. Love when crafting is a bit messy too as I imagine dying would be. I cherish the fun memories of crafting with my mum before she passed away. Crafting side by side brings such togetherness. I can't wait to craft with my daughter. Really enjoyed this post!