Monday, November 24, 2014

talismans of the trade

A few years ago I found what I thought was my perfect necklace. It was a reproduction of little black sewing machine on a chain. I envisioned wearing it as I taught sewing classes, and imagined it would give me super powers as I sat down to my machine to stitch. Too bad it was big, bulky and cumbersome... and snagged on everything. Not practical for a someone like me- a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and accessories. I think I wore it once! I've been dreaming up my ideal necklace ever since, and last week I began in earnest to design it. After several prototypes- I got it! That's what my sewing machine stamp was all about. I reduced it, along with my favorite scissor stamp, and created a necklace I truly love. 
 Simple, timeless, smooth to the touch and a perfect weight... a total delight to wear. Yes! It feels and looks like a polished stone or maybe glazed ceramic... but it's not. Paper, steel and glue... with a smidgen of clay- and lots of love and care. I strung it on an adjustable waxed cotton cord for sturdiness and the ability switch up the length according to what I'm wearing. 

talisman |ˈtalismən-iz-|
noun ( pl. talismans )an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. I do believe that a talisman of your tool of the trade might just give you some magical powers... so I'm working on a series! For me, for you, and for all of our creative tool loving friends. The first two will be available in my shop by week's end. And I will announce it right here and in all of my other virtual homes. I'm so excited to be using my stamped illustrations in all new ways. Here's a clue to the second talisman. Below is one side, and I'm currently working on the image for the back. Thinking wooly thoughts for all of my fiber folks!

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  1. Love this! Might there be a sewing needle & thread some day, please, oh, please?