Sunday, September 1, 2013


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There are goodbyes and hellos today as we welcome in September. Although the heat that alluded us through most of August has returned, the feeling of fall is definitely in the air. The slightest breeze often sends down a shower of walnut leaves... they're always the first to let go. 

My children and I are adjusting to my mother's absence and gearing up for the rhythm of school and new activities. September always feels like a fresh start and a new year... often more than January. I thought I might make up a list of fall goals for myself... maybe you might want to also. 

Here are some general ideas that might get us going... just personalize them to fit your life:
  • I will tackle an outside job that I've been ignoring.
  • I will finish that project that has been begging for attention.
  • I will learn that new skill that I've been curious about.
  • I will resume the bit of self-care that got neglected during the summer months.
The list need not be long... just enough to get motivated and acknowledge the opportunity of September. Wishing you many happy beginnings!
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  1. I always feel more able to make resolutions in September and my "New Years" list looks very similar...outdoors - a porch, a quilt to finish, a breadmaking course booked and self-care...well the time has definitely arrived! Good luck to you and "Happy New Year!"

  2. Wishing you a beautiful and fulfilling September! I love your prayer flags - are they something you made?

    1. Thanks Kim, we got them at the American Folk Art Museum in NYC.

  3. I like September too. A new season is coming upon us and it does feel like a new beginning. The seasons each feel like that to me. I have a few fall things I want to accomplish before the weather dictates that I cannot -- a porch to oil, a little trim on the house to paint, some weeds to whack down before snow flies and makes piles.

    1. The threat of snow is always lurking around the bend here too.

  4. I also like a new start in September, so much so I still mostly buy academic year diaries!

  5. Happy September! I also think of it more as the new year- rather than January- Fall is so full of promise!



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