Thursday, May 16, 2013

holding the light

 Last night, I carried my camera when I put the chickens in for the night. It was the golden hour... the magic time when the earth seems to be lit from within and everything is bathed in radiance.
 I've looked at these pictures over and over again throughout this morning. Trying to find some clues perhaps, to how I could be capturing such magic, while darkness was occurring on the other side of the planet to someone I care so deeply for. Kathreen Ricketson and her husband, Rob Shugg, suffered a tragic accident yesterday while on their epic family adventure that was part of their next book. I have been missing her writing while they were traveling, but had been keeping up regularly on instragram and had felt like I was trekking the Australian coast with them. I know many of us felt this way... which makes this loss feel that much more intimate.

 The world has lost a powerful force in the crafting revolution and the bright light of a family who truly lived what they believed in.  My heart goes out to their beautiful children that are such familiar sweet faces to many of us through their many family collaborations. Here's a link to today's post at whipup, Kath's blog, with the words that I cannot seem to find.  I will keep you updated when there are avenues set up for helping her children.
Sending love and light...

UPDATE: a fund has now been created for Kathreen and Rob's children. You can find out more and contribute here. Pin It


  1. There is nothing much to be added to your post, I'm myself shocked & very much saddened both for Kathreen & her husband, and of course for their children. I hope there'll be some way to help them. We've all done it for Haiti or Japan, at some point, or other reasons or charity, this one feels even closer. ox

  2. I am devastated by this news. Kath's first blog, RedCurrent, was one of the first I ever read, and introduced me to "DIY" in a way I'd never been exposed to. She asked Jenny and I to work on a few projects with her, and she was wonderful in every way. I didn't know her personally, but am feeling a great sense of loss all the same.

  3. Sending you love and light, Maya and to those two precious children as well.

  4. I couldn't stop the tears when I read the post on Whipup. I've never met Kathreen, but I've followed her blog for years and was looking forward to hearing more about their adventures. It feels as if a close friend has died, and my heart aches for her beautiful children.

  5. What happened?! I don't understand. This is devastating.

  6. I still can't really believe it . I was hiking just last week alone in a remote area of newfoundland in wind and snow up brimstone rock and thought briefly about being blown off into the ocean. I wasn't afraid , I was living my life in a way that I had always wanted to and my family knows how much I love and care about them. Kathreen really LIVED bravely and with purpose and she and her husband will live on and on.

  7. fantastic i really love this post

  8. When I read the news about Kathreen I thought of you. I won an edition of WhipUp from you last year and it introduced me to Kathreen. The news of this terrible accident is so sad and so tragic. My thoughts are with her family and friends.



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