Friday, March 29, 2013

we all win!

My life and my creativity are evolving in ways I could never have foreseen when I began maya*made 5 years ago. It's been wonderful to feel you at my side as I grow and explore. The comments on this week's giveaway were so loving and inspiring... YOUR ideas for what YOU would put on your bucket were incredible.

In fact, it crystalized exactly what I want to do right now... make very personal buckets. I've shied away from custom orders for a long time- preferring to follow my own direction for designs. In this moment, my desire is for... collaboration with all of you wise women. So I've decided to begin offering a limited edition of customizable linen buckets in my shop. If you weren't the lucky winner below, but still are hoping for lovingly made fabric vessels printed with your special words or favorite prints- now you can have one! I will add listings as they sell, but for now there are three waiting just for those who want them right here.

And the winner is:

and Keep on Bloggin'! cause' you're a bright shiny spot here on the internet, always lighting the way -- and oh, so generous and giving---even (and especially so) during adversity. Thanks again for being so kind! Hoping I win a touch of Mayamade. It would be fabulous!
Congratulations Karen! I will send you an email and can't wait to discuss what would make you happiest on your new bucket.
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