Monday, March 11, 2013

spring ahead!

Just as we turned our clocks forward, spring-weather appeared. My daughter went rummaging into her packed summer clothes (oh my!) and came downstairs dressed for the beach. Well, not quite. Winter coats were tossed off into the melting snow, and I do believe we are in the homestretch to planting season! The garden beds are still blanketed in an icy cover, but not for long. Haven't decided if we will get baby chicks or not. These girls could use some friends, though. Lots of planning and dreaming of what seeds to sow and what new life to welcome in. Around here, the month of March is all about waiting, watching, and getting ready.
A shift has occurred, and the light is returning. I'm breathing more deeply every day.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Our Mary Poppins extravaganza was a huge success. I ended up leaving my camera behind, and my iPhone pictures are not so stunning... but what fun we had! Really now- who doesn't need a little more supercalifragilistic positivity added to their day? Obviously, I'm all in! Pin It

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  1. oh yes, we are ready for spring, too. my boys are counting the crocuses!! looks lovely and full of spring breezes with you! thanks for sharing it.