Tuesday, February 19, 2013

nuts and bolts

 Thank you to everyone that left such sensitive and extremely thoughtful suggestions for how to handle the loss of an animal with children. You are each so compassionate and wise... and a very useful list was created for easy reference for all of us. We are moving on nicely today. Adjusting. I guess you could say that we are becoming experts at that as a family.

And in keeping with shifting and evolving,  I realized it was time to retire the old and make room for the new. Yesterday we spontaneously bought a dining room table on Craigslist. These old bolts held together our huge and heavy antique one that carried all the memories of over a decade of family meals. The three of us were dwarfed by it, and I was beginning to feel oppressed by it. Dismantling it this morning and placing our smaller and simpler table was a relief. Getting each table in and out of the back door was a huge feat that my son and I worked on for hours, but we did it! My toe is a bit sore from when the old table top fell on it. Yeah- ouch! But other than that, we are feeling totally successful, resourceful and capable. Those three qualities are the nuts and bolts of the life I want to make each day forward. Tonight we will celebrate with our first meal on our "just right" table.
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  1. It's those smaller moments that tend to leave the biggest impressions sometimes. Enjoy your celebration tonight as you nourish your family...body, mind, and soul!

  2. a good change, making things fit. xoxo

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful, empowering feeling! Congratulations, and I hope that table reminds you of it whenever you sit there!

  4. oh, I hope it is a wonderful dinner at your new table with many more lovely memories to come.
    & thank you so much...I received the sweet little stamped notebooks today (for Easter baskets)... And am enjoying the extra treat of the ship stamped card, looking forward to more ships in the future-thanks again.

  5. Maya,
    This post made me so happy to hear. I know big projects like that can be daunting, not only the decision to replace but then the act of removal, too. But, oh so satisfying to get them done. Good for you for tackling it. What a great thing to have a new table, like a clean slate, to support your family community. xxoo

  6. Another step forward, Maya! Bravo!


  7. Good for you! And you're growing little guy. It is amazing how much more and more they can do as they grow. Mine had me impressed this past Monday. Ever since I've been I'll I have noticed that my six year old has taken on more responsibility. While shopping he surprised me by helping me (without being asked) to put the shopping bags into the van, then when we got home instead of running out to the garden to run around and play with his sister, he also surprised me by carrying in a load full of bags!!! It melt my heart.



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