Friday, January 4, 2013


Getting ready to test out my wings with some new prig exits on the horizon!

Getting ready to test out this year's wings with some new projects on the horizon. Big deep breaths for all of us. Happy weekend, friends!
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  1. Resulting the perfect celebration is on the cards, and flowers just add extra bit of colorfulness onto that. Indeed, it’s the creation from nature that compliments the priceless emotions that a heart hosts. In the form of mind blowing floral stuffs and other gifts, really has dome something incredible. The link at gives full details.

  2. I love combining your Hope with my intention for Possibilities ... as I look at your photo, I think of a story where a Buddhist teacher took a sheet of paper and drew a v on it. "What do you see?" he asked. Everyone responded "A bird flying."

    "No," he informed them "It is the sky with a bird passing through it."

    Big mind, big dreams ... (and thanks for prodding me over to Amanda's site ... oh yes! Ready to knit my girl a new cardigan!) xo