Monday, December 31, 2012


I had thought to be here earlier in the day... to say good bye to 2012 with you. Plans changed when we got more snow this weekend. Yes, more! So much that my daughter's first slumber birthday party was postponed a day. I ended up waking up on this last morning of the year to five giggling girls and two hungry teens. It felt just right. Perfect, in fact. It lightened what could have been a somber and reflective moment and transformed it into a celebration over waffles and whip cream and lots of laughter. Thank you universe, for yet another gift!

 I spent the winter solstice working on Susannah Conway's Unraveling The Year Ahead and feel totally ready to release all that was and embrace all that will be. I have picked a word to guide me through 2013. It will not be any surprise,  I suppose.


I choose it for me and my children. I wish it for my friends and community... I wish it for you.  And I intend to run towards hope just as these wild and wonderful girls did this morning with legs aching and hearts pounding through the deepest of snow! Yes, I do!

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  1. hope .. your year is wonderful :)


  2. What a wonderful photo and choice of word for the new year. I hope it is a great one for all of you. :-)

  3. beautiful! may hope fill your heart with all good things in 2013 xoxox

  4. loved your post. always teaching you are...a true calling.
    i love hope. seems that we look to it so often when life brings us the unexpected. as with the weekend you may plan one thing and find a need to change the plan...somehow in the end things work out for a more powerful experience.
    i would like to wish sunshine, happiness and joy to you and your lovelies.
    thank you for all that you share & inspire...a new and beautifully healing year has begun. xoxo