Monday, November 12, 2012


Home... My other one.
Here's some insight into last week's adventure... via instagram. (username: @mayamade)

I landed in my favorite city and hometown during a heatwave. I went from our first snow to 80 degrees in a matter of hours. oh, San Francisco in November! It was incredible and thrilling- a true gift as we gear up for our long winter out east.  I was so fortunate to be working with the amazing folks at Creative Bug. I am in love with each of them, and feel so honored to now be part of their family. I'll share more soon, but my lips are sealed until then.

I ate tacos for almost every meal... had to fill up on the real stuff, and the Creative Bug "headquarters" are adjacent to my old neighborhood... and down the street, so to speak from my Dad's. Crazy! Serendipitous!
Last night in SF... And it was perfect.
Paid a visit to SCRAP. That is a post in itself... scheduled for later this week. Here's a peek at my haul of rescued treasures...
And here is the very happy jumble of some of my haul from SCRAP. Now to find a box to ship it all back to my studio!
It was one of the best weeks of my life. I kid you not. I felt so seen, and the world felt beautiful. Bliss was at my side constantly. After how my 2012 began, my gratitude for this kind of ending to the year has no words. It's just a deep knowing and thankfulness that no matter how dark it gets, if you keep truth in your heart and never stop reaching for the light... it will find you! And who knows... you may even be more on top of the world than ever before!
Goodbye for now, my sweet city by the bay. I couldn't love you more.
As much as I love... LOVE my city, you know how happy I always am to come home to my nest.
Happy to be home!
We got right down to work, because the warm weather followed me back, and there was a last opportunity for farm chores. Nothing like mucking out a chicken coop to bring you down to earth... in the best possible way. Grounded, I am. And so are my favorite helpers, who love HOME just as much as I do!
The work of play.
And just in case I needed a bit more acknowledging of the goodness of HERE... a little more rejoicing in the great community we have, our friends called us over for a spontaneous bonfire last night. Staring into the flames, I counted my blessings- there are just so many. In this month of gratitude, I feel full and at peace for the first time in so long. My hope in sharing it with all of you, is that it gives anyone else experiencing the darkness and despair (that is a part of each of our stories at one time or another)... HOPE. It really does get better!
Good night for a bonfire! Pin It


  1. Hi Maya, Glad to hear you had such a great time with CB in SF! I went "home" this past weekend to WI and felt so happy and connected too. I wasn't sure I wanted to travel again so soon after quilt market and the following Sandy travel ordeals, but I'm glad I did!

  2. Maya-
    You are such a beautiful writer! I love what you said about coming from darkness and find the light. Hope remains eternal!!

  3. Lovely words and beautiful photos :D Love from the UK [New Follower] x

  4. I am so glad you feel so well now!It is like that, after darkness light does come sooner or later!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Glad you love SF as much as we do! It's so beautiful in the fall. I love when cities start to get cold. Your bonfire looks gorgeous. We need times of respite and adventure and <a href=">inspiration to keep us creative.</a>

  6. Glad you love SF as much as we do! It's so beautiful in the fall. I love when cities start to get cold. Your bonfire looks gorgeous. We need times of respite and adventure and inspiration to keep us creative.

  7. Maya, your words are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  8. Wow! How interesting that you mentioned SCRAP. I lived in the basement apartment of the home of Anne Marie Theilen, a founding member of SCRAP, for 8 years. She and her family rented room in thier large 4 story home in the Mission, to college students and international students. I remember when she began SCRAP. I no longer live in San Francisco, but in rural northern California, but still have contact with friends's made in that home. Pleased that you were able to visit SCRAP, Maya, and would love to read a post about it.

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  10. what a lovely post. thank you.

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