Thursday, November 1, 2012

diy elf boots

How was last night for you? Any trick or treating? We went to our usual stomping grounds- our little village, and met up with friends to brave the wet and cold while the children stomped through piles of soggy leaves and puddles from house to house. It was one more first... as each holiday is this year for my little family of three. I'm getting pretty good at the "doing it all by myself" parenting gig, but I'm extra tired today. I also have not been as diligent about taking great photos when creativity strikes. I won't blame that on exhaustion, I think it's iPhone... it's just so easy and always within reach. And with that disclosure, may I present the brilliant brainstorm my daughter had for her elf costume... duct tape elf boots and the blurry pics to go with it! Her idea 100%! I'm just so excited, because not only was it ingenious, better than anything I was coming up with, but kept her feet totally dry on our wettest Halloween, yet! She thought we could cover the eyes on her old frog boots, while simultaneously creating the perfect pointy tips. We bought a roll of duct tape to match and made them together by the fire on her day off from school. Didn't they come out beautifully? Duct/duck tape truly is a dream tool when costume crafting!

Success! She was so proud she couldn't stop doing the elf jig!
Happy November!

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  1. I love it when the kids come up with their own ideas. It shows 'em what they're capable of and makes them a little more independent. Way to go Maya's little one!

  2. Like mother like daughter. Love it!

  3. Such cute boots and the little jig is priceless! (Love the hearth graffiti!)

  4. Love duct tape at house... So creative!