Thursday, October 4, 2012


Good friends are true gifts. True gifts from those good friends always leave me feeling loved and SEEN. That is one of the best parts of deep connection... to be recognized and appreciated fully by another. I am blessed with some very special folks in my life and Kathrin is one of them. Our previous two summers had been very connected with our girls spending lots of time together, but this past one found her in Germany and me in my own interesting landscape within. Our reunion involved some very sweet little gifts brought back from Europe and something handmade... because this is "annekata" after all! I thought you might appreciate a peek.
Fabric tape from Germany! I'll never forget when she invented it (oh, yes she did!) and put it up on her brand new fledgling blog... I was so blown away with her genius, that I sent it out to Craft and it went ballistically viral. Exciting times! That little blue polka dot tape, now made in her own country, made us both smile quite a bit! There was a little tin (because who doesn't love vintage boxes?)  filled with a tiny German matchbook and linen rickrack. Be still my heart. The icing on the cake... or my wrist, as it may be, was the leather bracelet/cuff  that I had been coveting from her blog. She's done this before... made something she knew I would adore and teased it on Annekata... only to present me with it the next time we meet. How's that for love... and being seen. Kind of like friendship romance, don't you think?

Fast forward to yesterday, which had some meetings challenges scheduled into my calendar. I was very aware of what I wore for protection, courage and strength.
-I have several of my good friend Jen Lee's shirts that I layer on at these times. Words are powerful.
-I swear by Anna Wingfield's flower essences... "I Speak" went on my throat chakra.
-I also donned my new Kathrin cuff... just because it felt right and represented not just her, but all of the women that circle around me.

When my day was done, I thought it time to photograph me wearing the cuff so I could share it with you. Been meaning to for days... blogworthy, you know? Have you ever tried to take a self-portrait when you are emotionally spent? I guess for me it comes out in giggles. I kept trying... I did, but I couldn't keep a straight face. I wasn't even going to put any of them up, but in looking through 10 or so shots of me ridiculously cracking up... I got happy. Really happy. So here I am... powerful and silly. Strong and vulnerable. Witnessing myself. Seeing myself.
Do you ever put on special clothing, jewelry, or scents to support your challenging moments? It's a very ancient feminine tool that holds much wisdom in it. Truly.

p.s. here's a tutorial on just how to make your own leather bracelet... thank you Kathrin- for everything! Pin It


  1. Dearest Maya, Look at this: It, too, was given to me by a dear friend. Synchronicity! Your laughter is beautiful! xo

    1. Craziness!! How amazing! I was with Kathrin when you commented and it was so fun to see your post together! Wow!

  2. Oh yes I put on jewelry that friends make or gift me and scents that may me feel calm or powerful what ever is needed at the time. Friends are the absolute best medicine and they always seem to be right there when we need them most. I LOVE this photo of you....seeing the joy in spite of the challenges. You are amazing!

  3. I do that also Maya on the most challenging of days, make sure to dress in what makes me feel the most strong and happy at the same time.
    Thinking of you!

  4. My talisman is an aromatherapy necklace that I wear nearly every day. On regular days, I usually have lavender in it, but on days that I know will be filled with challenges or stress or difficulty, I fill it with scents that make me feel lighter and stronger and calmer. I also have some items from my Grandmother, who is no longer in this world with me. She was amazing, and I miss her very much. I'll wear one of her rings, or a scarf and feel her spirit with me.

    I had never thought about about these little things I did as being "ancient feminin tools" and I'm so glad you mentioned this - I've often felt a bit silly about them, but just now realized that they are not silly at all!

    The peeks of your life this past year that you have shared with us have been honest and vulnerable, and yet have been gracious and clearly protected privacy - it's a fine line to walk, and you've done it very well. I read a lot of blogs, and a lot of "over-sharing" and I really admire your ability to be real without the compromise of your private life. All that to say...You're really amazing, and I'm so glad to "know" you through your blog.

    1. Avital, I love that you wear something from your amazing grandmother. Carrying little reminders of the women we love does feel like spirit honoring. I often put on one of my grandmother's pins. Yes, not silly at all! I must tell you that your words about my fine line are so cherished right now. I simply can't pretend, and yet I know my full story is not one for the internet but the ears and hearts of those sitting across from me at my kitchen table or taking a long hike with me. I have a feeling if we lived in the same town, that would be you. Thank you.

  5. Oh, i just love all this so damn much and that photo..damn, that photo is beautiful and awesome and you! especially knowing the shirt underneath it all and knowing you had to speak your true voice yesterday. love you to bits! xxx

  6. Umm...I think you meant viral and not virile which refers to having the nature, properties, or qualities of an adult male; specifically : capable of functioning as a male in copulation.
    On another note, I purchased your book recently and when I saw the foraging skirt, I felt that we were kindred spirits. I made one for my daughter out of light denim (cause I had it in my stash) and we both love it.


    1. Oh Annabelle! Ha! I love that. Awkward typos can make you you go hide under a rock or laugh hysterically... I bet you know what I'm doing! hee her

      I bet light denim makes a wonderful foraging skirt!

    2. Oh, will you looky there! Did it again! hee hee!

  7. I was fortunate to get some gifts from friends this past week as well...feeling loved and "seen" especially feels like the perfect way to describe it. Thank goodness for having thoughtful people in our lives.

  8. Gorgeous post Maya. Can't imagine the challenges you face just now but you certainly seem to be facing them with honesty and strength - oh and a family of loving females! Thank you for still being here, I hope it helps to keep this space.



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