Friday, September 21, 2012

birthday boy!

I adored my little boy and I cherish the sweet young man he is growing into. Happy birthday sweet son!
I adored my little baby boy! My first born beauty. My heart. My finest teacher. 14 years after he made me a mama, I love him even more! What a magnificent young man he is growing into and he has had some rough waters to navigate this past year... and is doing so with wisdom beyond his years. I celebrate him today, everyday... even when he's not at my side, this child of mine is part of my every breath. Happy Birthday Beauty!
Happy birthday first born beauty! 14 today! Pin It


  1. a mothers love =
    an amazing connection
    my son is now 18
    a man he tells me
    and the love i have for him
    still hurts x ...
    love the photo of your son:
    most cool


  2. Happy birthday to your son!Mine is 17 and I am so proud for him too!And he had rough times as well!We are lucky to have such sons!AriadnefomGreece!

  3. Happy birthday to your boy and happy birth day to mama too! I always feel the love when I come here to this space and today it is especially strong.

  4. Happy birthday to your young man and happy birthing day to you! This mama gig is the best isn't it?! Have a joyous weekend.

  5. Happy Birthday to your handsome son with the great hat! I'm sure Mama has some fun celebrations planned that I hope she shares with her readers... ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  6. Happy birthday! Have a wonderful birthday weekend and celebration!

  7. Happy birthday to you and your son! Love the fedora and the individualism it symbolizes!

  8. Happy birthday! 14, what a great age to be. I wish him and you lots of happiness for the times to come.