Tuesday, July 17, 2012

art camp

We are having an impromptu mini art camp around these parts. My son is at sleep away camp and my daughter would like more than nothing than to be home and by my side.  Camp has come to her in the form of a best buddy and her choice of art activities. Yesterday we had our official sewing machine lesson to get ready for making "ugly dolls" that they designed and named. Next we moved on to duct tape...

We borrowed Ductagmi from Laura's daughter, the duct tape queen. It's totally inspiring and the girls learned how to make sheets for turning into anything. With practice, duct tape and patient seven year olds have a lot of potential. They figured out a wonderful trick for keeping tape from sticking to itself... the most common problem. Stick tape to the edge of a table and pull it down for desired length... makes a great noise! Then snip. This give the advantage of having one hand for holding the roll and keeps it from getting all tangle up. The strips stay lined up and ready. Ready for pouches... my ductigamist has made 5 since yesterday! I think I'm getting one for my upcoming birthday, because she keeps asking me about color preferences. I couldn't think of a sweeter gift.
(new favorite bunny dress from silk oak)

What art projects are your children enjoying most this summer?

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  1. My kids are attending an art camp this week put on by a small local art gallery. I can't wait to see what they come with!
    I've been making some summer games lately that they have been enjoying playing...
    Shhh don't them that they are learning math at the same time! ;o)
    ~ joey ~

  2. I need the duct tape book. It is the craft medium of choice at my house these days. My 13 year old recently made herself a pair of duct tape shoes which she wore to school!

  3. We're making a cast of puppets to put on a puppet show later next month! All my girls are excited by this summer activity!

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  5. I love it! We've done similar "front porch art camps" here in the past.

  6. We are big into pet rock making...obsessive pet rock making...pet rock palooza even!!! Hello googly eyes!! Name them and look out...soon you will have a village!!!

  7. I love looking at children, working so hard :-)

  8. My 3 year-old has requested that his grandma (my mom, a trained Montessorian and retired administrator) organize "block camp" for him. So we're doing lots of blocks this summer, and I'm trying to build on his love of building blocks with lots of stacking crafts- glued popsicle sticks, rock totems, etc. That duct tape looks pretty awesome, though- *I* might have to give it a try!