Monday, July 2, 2012

july love

Sipping my morning cup amidst my flowers. I love july more than any other month of the year!
Happy July! The arrival of my favorite month of the year brings some of my favorite loves: running around in bathing suits (kids, that is... although I've been known to also), bonfires, picnics, witnessing our flowers and vegetables grow, dirty bare feet, berry picking,  reading through the hottest parts of the day, tackling outdoor projects... the list goes on. I love you July! Here are some images from the weekend to illustrate my list in no particular order:
Lunch  034 sweetie bubbles Ablaze
What are some of your July faves? 
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  1. Denny likes the summer cause...July 2, 2012 at 10:59 AM

    We are going cherry picking today. Jamming tomorrow.
    I love having my kids off school and the return of sleeping in on the weekdays.
    This year we are touring our city to review handmade ice-cream shops. My son will be keeping a journal on it.
    Pottery classes, cottaging, car trips, afternoon naps, (for the days I don't sleep in).
    Oh, farmers markets, sewing, knitting, spinning.

  2. water in all forms. sundresses and bare feet. watermelon salad with lime, jalapen^o, peaches and mint, crafting, and of course, sparklers and ice cream!

  3. Small-town 4th of July parades, lying on a blanket in the yard with a good book and knitting, sitting lakeside, local/county fairs! But sad to say that NONE of this has happened, yet, in our dreary Western Washington weather. But things are looking up for the end of the week! :)

  4. Beautiful photos Maya!
    Summer does bring fun times!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Your porch does look just so inviting. I can see why Sweetie likes it there!

  6. I was just thinking today that it is time for me to get a bit more in the summer spirit - so on the 4th we will go to a local lake - pick up some Chinese food to bring home for dinner and have a campfire with some sparklers and smores.
    Your weekend looks like it was filled with beauty! Love your book - and the goodies - you are so kind Maya. Thank you.
    Warm wishes,

  7. Tide pool exploration, salt pond playing, beach going...lazy mornings, lingering evenings, the whip-poor-will singing, the fireflies flashing. And, at the moment, the wild thunderstorm crashing and rain lashing. :)

  8. Such beautiful, evocative photos, Maya.

    Well, being in New Zealand, July is Winter for us, and not my favourite time of year! :) We're being buffeted by one wild storm after another at the moment and our whole household has been in bed with the flu this week. Of course there are always things I find to love about any time of year though. Having the fire on everyday; snuggly evenings with our cat and dogs; watching the storms roll in off the sea and rush towards our home on the hill...

    Happy Summer, Maya!
    Lucy x

  9. That first picture is the epitome of July for abundance of colorful flowers.
    My favorite thing about summer, though, is that it brings autumn. :) It's just too hot for me in summer, and too many bugs.
    Lovely pictures! Enjoy your favorite month!

  10. the laundry + bubbles.... love, love, LOVE!
    my kiddos & I escaped the heat of southern louisiana and have been wandering the coast here in alaska.... we're appreciating the cool breeze and cloud covered mountains immensely. happy july to you~~

  11. Your list of July loves looks so wonderful. We, too, are into berry-picking season, but we're a bit behind our American friends. The prairies of Canada are just starting to offer strawberries! And they are so good.

    Happy July to you!

  12. Hi Maya! Love the photos. I sent you an email a few days ago, to your Yahoo address; it was about FamilyFun magazine. I'd love to hear from you!
    Happy Fourth!
    -- Debbie

  13. Love the photo of bubbles and clothes on the line. This summer, I'm loving watermelon every day. And I just love being warm. :)

  14. These photographs scream summer summer summer. Love the fire in the dusk. Probably didn't mean to do this, but I love how the colors of the eggs are repeated through your other photographs. I always need to curate my own spaces with switching in and out wall art, cushions, and fabrics. Now I'm thinking about that soft, brown egg colour!