Monday, May 7, 2012

reinvention tour: whip up

Good morning... yawn. I think I could sleep for days. The combination of late night preparations leading up to my weekend at Ithacamade, coupled with the actual events has left me bleary eyed... but smiling. It was a gorgeous weekend in every way! Beautiful weather, lovely community, lots of sweet children... and the dearest of friends. I have some great photos to upload, but that can wait for tomorrow. Today deserves a little ease. I have no big goals, meetings or long lists for today... tomorrow yes. Today I plan to give myself the gift of a nap and some productive moments in my garden. I'm saying it here, so that you can all be my witnesses... because I NEVER take naps and tomorrow's to do's really could be done today. But nope, while the house is quiet, I'm hoping to give myself an early Mother's Day gift. A little time and space. You deserve that too. Maybe some time this week? Might you carve out some time and space for just what YOU need?
And in tour news... join me over at Whip Up. I'll be sharing my response to one of my most frequently asked questions about rescuing materials. This marks the beginning of week two on reinvention's blog tour! Hope you'll join in... thanks to some wonderful tour guides, it's been phenomenal so far!

reinvention: sewing with rescued materials blog tour
 week one
5/2- Craft
week two
5/7   Whip Up
5/8   elsie marley
5/9   Poppytalk
5/10 Annekata
week three
5/15 Etsy
5/17 Made

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  1. What a perfectly vibrant photo to start a Monday with. It's already a great Monday, thank you very much Miss Maya. I can't wait to get your book in the mail, I've already "ordered" mine via Margaret ie I WON A COPY! Happy Monday, happy Monday indeed!

  2. Good morning! Sounds like the weekend was a great experience, take that nap today and clear your schedule and tomorrow will seem all the easier! I try to remember this myself when I get busy.
    Love the little egg, such sweet Spring colours for a Monday morning.
    Take care of you,
    ~ joey ~

  3. What a beautiful picture! Everyone needs a little break every now and then--never feel guilty for giving the mind and body a much needed rest!
    ~* Ashley