Sunday, May 27, 2012

here, there and everywhere

Chive forest

Where have I been?
  • Running up and down country roads. Up to 4 miles finally!
  • Hard at work on my home- just finished painting our kitchen ceiling white. Bead board on the ceiling should be outlawed... at least my neck and shoulders think so.
  • Digging in the dirt- the garden is in! Well, almost... the tomatoes need to be patient for one more day.
  • Cutting burlap- Squam Art Fair is almost here and I'm sewing and making again! Feels so good. I sure hope I'll see you there... it's open to all. Check out the stellar company I'll be in right here.
  • Scheduling fun ways for us to meet and play together. More is on the way, but go see my new Events page up above. I will be at Buffalo Street Books right here in Ithaca at the end of June and Teahouse Studio in Berkeley at the end of July.

Getting ready for #squamlove by cutting coffee sacks. Love doing this outside!!
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  1. Busy girl!! I hope you're still finding time for the occasional sit-down-and-feet-up..?

  2. You are going to there and back again, lady! So happy to be journeying with you. xoxo

  3. Isn't late Spring an awesome time of year?! Sounds like you've been having lots of fun!
    OHHHH! And it came, it finally came!!!!!! I have been savouring every page and am trying so hard to read it slowly. I've been feeling the sewing bug again and the weather forecast is changing to rain tomorrow, so it may be the perfect time to try one of your ideas! :o)
    And thank you for your kind words inscribed...
    ~ joey ~

  4. Maya-
    I just got back from teaching at Teahouse myself, and it was a true delight. The women that run it are an inspiration, and the space, well, it's a dream come true. You're going to love it.
    See you at Squam! xo Rebecca

  5. You have been busy! All good things though :).

    Your beautiful photo of chives is making me crave a baked potato!

  6. Hi!! last Saturday I received your book!! It's amazing!! Congratulations!!

  7. Do you live in Ithaca, Maya? I've loved your blog for a long time, but didn't know you're from upstate New York. I'm from there as well. My family still lives near Oneida, but I've moved to the Colorado mountains, where we still get loads of snow, but sun at the same time. :)


  8. I should be WALKING up to four miles. You go girl! Painting ceilings is hard work.

  9. Wow, if I could walk 4 miles on a regular basis i would be over joyed! Keep up the good work.

  10. ooooh, hope you'll have some of these pretties for september squam!!! love you girl.

  11. Love that your cutting table is set up outside!