Tuesday, April 17, 2012

prince for the day

A royal good morning to you!
Hickory's regal manner inspired some royal attire early this morning. There was a little crown I made for Lulu  perched perfectly upon his head. Hmmm... clever boy-  if only we all had it so good. The life of an adored country cat leaves little to long for. Except maybe some easy field mice!
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  1. Lol, He looks perturbed! We recently dressed our kitty as well. Too funny.


  2. Very regal indeed. Love the purple Celestial whatever it is behind him as well. I think my cat would kill me if I did this to her.

  3. excellent....my Princess will want a crown now!

  4. Adoro los animales, especialmente gat@s y perr@s

  5. Now that's a good boy, I know some cats who would not behave so well with a crown on their head. Don't tell him I find him cute, just say I found he looked mysteriously appealing.

  6. So handsome!!!!!!!!!!!! Great ears! Love him! Sondra

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  8. It looks like Hickory enjoyed his new regal look. Thanks for the cute picture.