Tuesday, April 24, 2012

branches and dates

Snowy lilacs. This late storm took us all by surprise.
 Yesterday's storm took us all by surprise and as much as we enjoyed the excitement, I'm carefully watching our frozen lilacs and clearing away fallen branches. Most of our magnolia and the front half of our crab apple were damaged. There is an almost primal feeling of loss when seeing the limbs ripped off of trees we hold so dear. The trees on this land are all old familiar friends, but these two that are closest to our home feel like family. One was planted when my son was small, the other has stood in front of our home for generations. So I'm scheming  how to honor those branches. The magnolias might be the perfect diameter for some new chicken roosts. Considering we named one of the hens Magnolia (Maggie) the day before, it seems fitting. The rest of the fallen wood is up for grabs... for wooden blocks, for gardening projects, fire pit stumps seats... we shall see. I'm determined to make a little magic out of it.
Yesterday maya*mail went out into the world. It featured the above banner which was made out of  a recycled Tyvek mailer- the instructions can be found in Reinvention. A very exciting blog tour will begin on May 1st, and locals (and anyone that ones to make the drive!) are invited to join me on 4th and 5th for two exciting events at Ithacamade (right next to Mama Goose). See details below and mark your calendars!

Ithaca Gallery Night

Friday May 4th 6-8pm
Many of Reinvention's projects will be out on display so that you can literally step into the book. I'll be on hand for discussing everything from the virtues of recycled wool suiting to the excitement of rescuing a gorgeous vintage  tablecloth. Come chat with me!

Launch Party and Book Signing

Saturday, May 5th 1-3:30pm
Live fairly close to downtown Ithaca? Please come celebrate my book's birth! Bring your copy for signing, or purchase one right on the spot.  I also invite you to come ready to do some simple making. A project table will be set up for assembling Reinvention's  "jersey blossom bands"... a perfect Mother's Day gift. See you there!
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  1. Maya, it's in big part because of you and your inspiring posts, that I started writing my own blog a year ago.

    I enjoy so much and look forward each time to read your posts, that on my first blog anniversary I'm passing a little sunshine your way. I'm nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award!

    Congratulations on your new book!

  2. Maya,
    Your magnolia might resprout if you don't cut it all the way down to the ground depending on the variety and its condition when damaged. We had the same storm in October and it sadly damaged so many trees. May your chickens be happy with a magnolia roosting branch!

  3. We're feeling your pain - lots of damage here, too. Ours is mostly cosmetic, but I'm still worried about our local fruit farmers.

    I've put your dates on my calendar and hope to finally meet you in person at one of them!


  4. I got my copy of Reinvention a few minutes ago and I immediately looked through it for projects to make. It really is a great book and I am looking forward to the projects.

  5. Love that shot of the snow covered lilacs! I can't wait for mine to bloom, I'm still a good 3-4 weeks away.

  6. So sorry about your damaged trees. I hope that make it back to full health. Meanwhile, there is always a place in my heart for fallen branches. (I wrote a post about this a while back in fact, if you are interested: http://mommyrepeat.blogspot.com/2012/01/fallen-branches.html)

  7. Hi there,
    I just received my "Forecast" magazine at the library where I work and your new book caught my eye right away. I will be ordering one for the library and one for myself from Amazon! Amazon.com is where I saw you had a blog, I like your chickens too!